Basic Life Support

To get ready in times of crisis, the University Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Security Services Office (UDRRMSSO) conducted a series of training on life-saving techniques to the Viscan community and its neighboring barangays.

Three workshop series was scheduled at the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) building starting from February 26 to 28, March 4 to 6, and March 12 to 14, 2023, to equip student volunteers, civic organization like Kabalikat Civicom, faculty, staff, security personnel, and the invited barangay officials from Marcos, Pangasugan, Guadalupe, Patag, and Gabas the necessary knowledge and skills to respond to critical emergences.

UDRRMSSO invited a trainer from the Philippine Coast Guard who is a medical responder and is also affiliated with the Philippine Heart Association. 

The participants of the Basic Life Support program were trained on how to do first aid to an injured person in times of disasters. After their training, they joined the simulation activity where they practiced the different techniques of saving a person’s life.


According to Mr. Gerald M. Rivera, one of the members of the disaster risk reduction management team of the university, the training was also conducted in order to prepare the UDRRMSSO personnel especially that the Centennial Anniversary is coming and there will be a lot of people who will visit the campus during the festivities.


Aside from the UDRRMSSO team, they invited the different barangay officials with their barangay tanods and heath workers coming from the neighboring communities since most of the students are residing in these barangays. Just in case of emergency situations, they can respond to it quickly.


“We also included our students so that they will know how to take immediate care  in case of incidents inside their classroom,” Rivera said.

The student volunteers include the Youth Red Cross, selected Crisis Management Community members, and grade 12 students from VSU Integrated High School.

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