Engr. Peter Billard, a Mechanical Engineer working at the Fichtner Consulting Engineers in Stuttgart, Germany, conducted on March 26, 2012 a seminar on "Renewable Energy Sources for Rural Development at the PhilRootcrops Training Hall.


Engr. Billard enumerated some possible renewable energy sources that can be tapped especially in the rural areas such as the solar power, micro-hydro power, and the biogas. He mentioned that in the solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, a 2.5-watts solar panel charging a battery is sufficient for a USB phone charger or to a LED lamp for five hours of lighting. He also revealed that a home entertainment unit requires 6-10W, and a small television needs 50W.

Most importantly, Engr. Billard mentioned that in putting-up any development project, consultation with the community is very essential.

After his presentation, an open forum followed to clarify issues related to renewable energy.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Roberto C. Guarte, VP for Administration and Finance, thanked the resource person for sharing his ideas on the potential areas of renewable sources in the Philippines and in pursuing the application and promotion of renewable energy. He even encouraged the faculty members and researchers of the University to submit proposal that would promote renewable energy in VSU and in nearby communities.

As a token of gratitude to the lecturer, VSU President Jose L. Bacusmo, presented a certificate of recognition and a souvenir item to Engr. Billard.