The Visayas State University is one of the three Zonal Universities of Agriculture in the Philippines serving the Visayas. VSU is a multi-campus university offering professional training in agriculture, engineering, forestry, education, veterinary medicine and other related fields and undertakes basic and advanced research, extension and production endeavors.

Minimum Personal Qualifications:

1.  Not less than thirty-five (35) years old and not a day older than the sixty-first (61st) birthday at the time of application;

2.  Must be a Filipino Citizen;

3.  Must be a holder of an earned Doctorate degree, honoris causa degrees not included;

4.  Must have a proven track record as a top management administrator/executive in an academic field of endeavor such as President, Vice President, Dean, Campus Director, R/E Director, Academic Director whether in the public or private HEI sector, for at least five (5) years duly supported by documents stating the managerial, professional and/or administrative experience and the period covered;

5.  Must have not been convicted of any administrative offense or of any crime involving moral turpitude.

Note: Qualified applicants are requested to submit the following:

1.  Formal Application Letter addressed to the Chairperson of CHED through Dr. Maria Cynthia Rose B. Bautista, Chairperson, VSU Board of Regents;

2.  Detailed Curriculum Vitae, attested and signed by the applicant;

3.  Documents in support of the dates stated in the Curriculum Vitae, including evidences of the applicant’s transcript of record, certifications, accreditations, diplomas and employment records;

4.  Research publications in refereed publications;

5.  A notarized and signed statement containing the Proposed Vision, Mission and Development Goals for the SUC by the applicant;

6.  Certificates/Clearances from the following government agencies, obtained not more than three (3) months from the filing date of application, indicating that the applicant has no findings of guilt/conviction in any administrative and/or criminal case:

       - Sandiganbayan                                     - Civil Service Commission (CSC)

       - Ombudsman (for government employee)            - National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)   

       - Institution/Company where applicant is presently employed

7.  Birth Certificate authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority;

8.  Medical Certificate of Physical Fitness issued by a physician from a government health institution that is not in any way connected with the applicant or the concerned SUC;

9.  Successful results of a neuro-psychiatric examination conducted by a physician from a government health institution, who, and that are not in any way connected respectively, with the applicant or the concerned SUC;

10.   Successful results of a drug test conducted by a physician from a government health institution who, and that are not in any way connected respectively, with the applicant or the concerned SUC;

11.   Dully accomplished CSC Form 212 (Personal Data Sheet 2005 Revision) made under oath and notarized;

12.  Latest statement of assets, liabilities and net worth made under oath (for government employees); and

13. Latest Income Tax Return

Important:   Interested applicants must send the above mentioned documentary requirements in seven (7) sets/copies on or before 30 September 2015 (at 5:00 PM, if personally delivered)to:

Chairperson of the Search Committee

Visayas State University

Visca, Baybay, Leyte

Attention: DANIEL M. TUDTUD, JR.

Board Secretary