The Mighty Pythons Team with Engr. Florentino Morales, Jr. as the General Athletic Manager (GAM) and Dr. Roberto C. Guarte, VP for Administration and Finance, as the Team Coordinator; and the VSU-Isabel Cyber Warriors with Mr. Jobane P. Delantar as the GAM and Dr. Edwin A. Balbarino, College Dean, as the Team Coordinator, victoriously defended their titles as champions in the Faculty and Staff Intramurals and the College Student Intramurals, respectively, during the University-wide Paugnat 2015 held on July 22-24 with a hashtag “#BeTheBestYouEver”. The Mighty Pythons garnered the championship in the Faculty and Staff Intramural Games 2015 held last March 11-13, while the VSU-Isabel Cyber Warriors was proclaimed champion in the 2013 University-wide Student Intramural Games.

Facilitated by the Institute of Human Kinetics (IHK) under the leadership of Dr. Aleli A. Villocino, IHK Director, the games successfully reeled-off despite very minor glitches considering that it was the first time in VSU to hold such kind of sports competitions wherein the faculty and staff, and the students in the high school and in the college of the VSU System played the games at the same time.

In his message during the opening ceremonies, Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, VSU President, stressed that the Paugnat 2015 is a sort of an experimentation of a new modality of holding intramural games simultaneously between the faculty and staff, college students, and high school students in a given period of time. “We used to cancel holding classes for three to four days when we hold the student intramurals and another three to four days when we hold the faculty and staff sportsfest. In this new modality, we could somehow eliminate cutting down the number of days of cancelled classes by holding the two events simultaneously,” Dr. Bacusmo emphasized.

The VSU President also pointed out the importance of holding sports competitions. “Intramurals is important for your physical and emotional development,” Dr. Bacusmo quipped. He added that by playing sports, we can develop sportsmanship as we would be tested with our dedication to practice while at the same time honing our skills and competitiveness with humility and willingness to accept defeat.

In the Paugnat 2015 for the Faculty and Staff, the Mighty Pythons was proclaimed as the Overall Champion as it outsmarted the other three teams. The Team was also named as the champion in sports for garnering 307 total points as well as in the song festival with 25 points for a total of 338 points. It got first places in volleyball women, softball men, track relays men/women, walkathon men/women, Korean bike women, lawn tennis mixed, table tennis mixed, badminton mixed, chess women, and dart women.

The Eagles came in as First Runner Up for accumulating 247 points. The Team championed in basketball women, kayak men/women, dart men, and dama women. The Leopards got the Second Runner Up spot for garnering a total of 229 points. The Team won in basketball men, dama men, and billiards men and women. The Tigers tailed as Third Runner Up with a total points of 227. It dominated in the volleyball men, kickball women, chess men, and the overall champion in the dance festival.

In the Paugnat 2015 for the College Students, on the other hand, the VSU-Isabel Cyber Warriors bagged the Overall Championship among the ten competing teams of the VSU System. The Team accumulated 255 points and got the overall championship in both song and dance festivals. The Warriors grabbed first places in athletics women, mural, sepak takraw men and women, dart women, and arnis men/women.

The Aggies Supersonics of the College of Agriculture and Food Science came as the First Runner Up with a score of 225 points. The Team was the champion in the basketball men and women, softball women, and swimming men. It was also the overall champion in sports.   The CME Red Dragons was declared the Second Runner Up with 215 points. The Team bested in soccer men, lawn tennis men, and dart men.

The Third Runner Up spot went to the VSU-Tolosa Blue Sharks with 209 points. It dominated in the volleyball men, athletics men, and badminton women; while the Bravehearts of the College of Engineering snatched the Fourth Runner Up slot for accumulating 200 points. The Team outshined the other teams in table tennis men, badminton men, chess men, and billiards men. And the Fifth Runner Up slot was captured by the CE Tigers with 179 points. The Tigers lambasted the other teams in the volleyball women, dama women, billiards women, and swimming women.

The other teams who joined in the competition and the points they earned included the CVM Cowboys – 103, the CAS/CN/CFES Titans – 73, VSU-Alangalang Blue Eagles – 55, and VSU-Villaba Griffins – 54. JFMBaldos