Students flock to the open space surrounding the gazebo for a 30-minute jam where Barbusa covered songs such as Hinahanap-hanap kita by Rivermaya, Just the Way You Are and Count on Me by Bruno Mars, Make you Love Me by Adele, and Creep by Radiohead.  

barbusa ang guitarist

Viscantahan, a portmanteau of “Viscan” which refers to people at VSU, and “Kantahan”, a Filipino word for a singing session, is a special project initiated by BS in Development Communication, Educational Communication Technology (ECT) majors, and the VSU media and web teams. The project seeks to give an outlet for VSU students who are budding singers and musicians.

In an interview with Viscantahan host Shahoney Zamora, an ECT major, Barbusa said it has always been his passion to sing and perform. He sometimes earn a little income from singing for his studies.

barbusa and zamora

Viscantahan will feature a new singer or group of musicians every Tuesday afternoon. It will be played on livestream via Facebook.

Want to perform in one of the live jams? Visit for more information.