USSC oath taking

VSU President Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin said he has faith in the 13 newly elected officers of the University Supreme Student Council (USSC) led by Mr. Mark Michael O. Unlucay in an informal speech before they took oath at the Office of the President, July 29.

While Dr. Tulin maintains his confidence on the USSC, he also left the new student leaders with a few advice on leadership, management of funds and resources, and heeding the lessons gained from past experiences.

Dr. Tulin also reminded the officers not to put extra-curricular activities over their academic concerns.

“A student leader is also one that performs well academically, and sets a good example to others,” said Dr. Tulin.

All 13 students and two advisers took their oath as this school year’s USSC officers. In their pledge, they swore to “put the best interest of the VSU studentry first” before their very own.

“[We] solemnly swear to serve the students of [VSU] to the best of [our] ability, and in all honesty…to protect their rights, harness and encourage their potentials, remind them of their duties and obligations, and set good examples of leadership…genuine service and academic excellence,” pledged the officers.

oath taking 2

Among the first challenges that Dr. Tulin gave the new officers include recruiting more students, making VSU an environment conducive for learning, and using the media for positive change.

Former USSC President Dexter Relevo was present during the oath-taking ceremony and expressed his high hopes for the new set of officers.

oath taking 3