Mr. Dexter Relevo, outgoing student regent of the Visayas State University, said he is confident with the new set of student council officers to be led by Mark Michael Unlu-cay, an incoming senior DevCom student.

All CSSC presidents, Relevo said, have shown cooperation and sportsmanship during the elections, July 16, at RDE Hall. He feels the new USSC is committed to serve the students.

Relevo said he will ensure proper transition of duties and responsibilities from the past administration to the present. He committed to provide the incoming officers, especially the new president, with input they need in performing their duties, and wished them well.

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“Good luck to them and may they serve the VSU students with utmost honesty,” said Relevo.

Unlu-cay, president-elect of the College of Agriculture and Food Science, was voted to become the new student regent from among the CSSC President-elects with 9-3 votes. The other contender is now his VP, Mr. Efren Osmeña of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Ms. Jan Edrea Cortes, an incoming third year BS Food Tech student, will assume Unlu-cay’s vacated post as CAFS-SSC President.

The new student council for SY 2016-2017:    

President Mark Michael Unlu-cay

Vice President Efren Osmeña (CAS)

Secretary Jeffrey Curay (CE)

Treasurer Larrel John Andrade (CoN)

Auditor Hexelsa Nuñez (CVM)

Board Members

Maria Christine Cerna (CoE)

Alvin C. Ebero (CFES)

Jan Edrea Cortes (CAFS)

Benny Narrido (VSU Isabel)

Janilyn T. Cantiga (VSU Villaba)

Dhomdhel Quemado (VSU Alangalang)

Rodel C. Capongcol (VSU Tolosa)

Simplicio B. Berdos, Jr. (CME)


The oath-taking ceremony of the new set of USSC officers will take place before August 2, the opening of classes.