Civil Service 1

“Embrace the culture of being a good public servant,” says VSU President Edgardo E. Tulin to 54 newly hired and promoted faculty and staff during their induction rites held at the Hilltop Amphitheater on September 5, 2016.

In his message to the new regular, casual and contractual administrative staff and faculty, Dr. Tulin gave a new meaning to KAWANI, a Filipino term used to describe the civil servant. For the VSU President, KAWANI stands for “Knowledge, Attitude, Work, Aspiration, Nationalism, and Inspiration”.


Dr. Tulin reminded the faculty members that they were hired for their qualifications and that they have to use their knowledge on getting things done. “But knowledge plus wisdom makes work better so use it with common sense because there are certain decisions at the actual work that needs common sense,” says the President.


“In most cases, we fail to see the real attitude of an employee prior to hiring but somehow, if we train and mentor them, I hope that their attitude will soon be developed for the better,” shares Dr. Tulin as he emphasized to VSU employees that possessing good values is an important attribute of any public servant.


The president also encouraged the VSU employees to work not for personal satisfaction but for the organization. “Whether you are a sweeper, a clerk, a professor, we know what we’re supposed to do to contribute more for the development of the university.”


Dr. Tulin challenged the audience to aspire to do more. He continued by saying that public servants should not be contented with their current status. He challenged everyone to do more by aspiring for higher work position, obtaining more experiences and knowledge, and imbibing greater values in the future.


With the distractions that are happening in the country, the President reminded everyone to continuously work for nation-building. “As public servants, we should not be distracted by the chaos and commotion happening around us. Let us contribute to our national development despite these distractions,” says the President.


To close his message, the President encouraged everyone to serve as an inspiration to others. Dr. Tulin is a firm believer that being an inspiration to others can really touch hearts and it is an essential factor to becoming a genuine public servant. “Now is the time to inspire somebody. Inspire to do good because that is contagious,” shares the President.

Civil Service 2

The new employees of VSU were formally introduced and inducted in a program that kickstarted the month-long celebration of the Philippine Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) 116th anniversary.

IHK instructors led in a Zumba dance exercise after the induction ceremony. Zumba dance exercise will now be a regular activity every Tuesdays and Thursdays starting September 6.

VSU joins the whole country in a month-long celebration of honoring the Filipino civil servants by scheduling a number of activities from September 1 to 30. For a complete list of VSU activities for this celebration, please click on this link: