Mark Unlu-cay, VSU University Supreme Student Council (USSC) President, turns over a PhP200,000 check to former VSU President Jose L. Bacusmo at the OVPRE White Room, afterwhich, the latter gave the check to the ViFARD, Inc. Director, Dr. Wolfreda T. Alesna, May 12.

The Landbank of the Philippines’ check is USSC’s payment to Dr. Bacusmo who made the cash advance from the Visca Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Development, Incorporated (ViFARD, Inc.) in 2014 to help the then USSC President defray the cost of a concert at the VSU Gymnasium. The USSC-sponsored concert which featured some GMA 7 artists, however, incurred losses and was not able to raise fund for the council. The then council failed to pay back Dr. Bacusmo.

The next set of USSC officers (SY 2015-2016) tried to raise funds to pay for the accountability, but this school year’s officers headed by Unlu-cay successfully paid the amount to clear the name of the VSU-USSC.

“Today, the USSC redeems its honor by paying the former VSU President, Dr. Bacusmo, USSC’s debt in the amount of PhP200,000.00. We really tried our best to raise this amount. We were not able to implement projects because we wanted to let go of this accountability so that the next USSC officers will not have financial problem,” said the student regent during the turn-over ceremony with the theme “Redeeming the VSU-USSC Honor”.

Unlu-cay thanked Dr. Bacusmo and Dr. Alesna for their help and understanding. He was also thankful for the advice and guidance of their council adviser and the Dean of Students.

The Dean of Students, Prof. Manolo B. Loreto, congratulated the council for its efforts in his message. He said that the USSC officers should not think that they have not done anything. “This is already a very big project,” Prof. Loreto emphasized.

Dr. Aleli A. Villocino, IHK Director and adviser of the USSC said that the present set of USSC officers is really a “special group.” She admired them for the efforts exerted just to clear the name of the council.

Lastly, Dr. Bacusmo, who put his name at stake by borrowing from VIFARD, Inc. to support the then USSC’s project, thanked Unlu-cay for “being very responsible to have this project aimed at redeeming the VSU-USSC’s honor.” He also thanked ViFARD, Inc. for not charging interest for the borrowed money. He, likewise, thanked the USSC officers for the support, and the USSC adviser, for continuously prodding the group to achieve their goal.

Dr. Bacusmo recalled that he trusted the former USSC President so he never hesitated to borrow money to support their project to stage the said concert. “I felt betrayed when the student left the university, leaving the USSC with so many accountabilities.”

“This day is very significant to all of us because today, the VSU-USSC redeems its honor and regains my trust,” the former VSU President ended.

The short program was attended by the USSC officers, adviser, Dean of Students, USSO’s coordinator of student organizations, the ViFARD, Inc. Director, the former President who is now OVPRE’s research director, and some ViCAARP and OVPRE staff.