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School Year 2013-2014 formally commenced on June 3, 2013. As the continuing students regularly reported to their respective classes, some 2,000 freshmen and transferees were personally welcomed by the VSU President, Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, during the New Students' Orientation Program on June 3 at the VSU Gymnatorium.


Dr. Bacusmo exhorted that VSU is in the business of changing students' lives. He assured the new students that the University, through its professors, will pass unto them the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them to meet the expectations and demands in the community, workplace, and in their own businesses in the future. Dr. Bacusmo further stressed that they are assured of quality services and facilities that the University can provide and enable them to have a valuable experience as they stay in the campus for the next four or more years.

"You have selected to study in the premier university of science and technology in the Visayas that offers you the best education you can get from this part of the world," Dr. Bacusmo quipped. "I am proud to say that VSU has continuously producing graduates who topped in various board examinations like in Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Geodetic Engineering and others," the VSU President added.

The President also emphasized that choosing a school is very important. He underscored that with the kind of education and formation you are getting from this University, you are clearly getting more than money's worth. Dr. Bacusmo pointed out that the University even offers affordable on-campus housing (although we cannot accommodate all our students), and provides opportunities to outstanding students as well as the underprivileged. "About 25% of our students enjoy some forms of scholarships, grants-in-aid, and financial assistance," Dr. Bacusmo said. He encouraged the new students to enjoy, love and care for nature because "without you realizing it, you are in a paradise." The President reiterated that VSU is a campus that has the mountain, the plain and the sea, and the landscape is stunning that continuously evolving and improving.

He also warned the students that studying at VSU is not for faint-hearted, lazy and ambivalent students. Dr. Bacusmo said that the University demands full attention, dedication and doubling your efforts on studying and in meeting your requirements. "It also demands your agility and stamina as you have to walk from one building to another and climb stairs and slopes," he added.

According to Dr. Bacusmo, these are realities in this University and part of the test of your fitness to be among the proud and strong individuals called the VSU students.

The annual orientation program is spearheaded by the University Student Services Office under the leadership of Engr. Manolo B. Loreto, Jr. It sought to: 1) inform the students regarding campus policies, guidelines, services and programs that have direct bearing on their studies, dreams and aspirations, as well as the conduct of themselves as students; 2) introduce the academic officials and their staff; and 3) be acquainted with other new students especially those having the same degree programs.

The activity was concluded with a 'Campus Walk Through' to orient the new students to the different colleges and departments where they will hold their classes.

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