jlb 2013

To guide the VSU President on what direction to take as he propels VSU to a greater height for administrative, academic and research excellence in the country, Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo laid out his 2013 Priority Plans in a meeting called among the key officials of the University. Dr. Bacusmo emphasized that his administration will smoothly move forward through the concerted efforts of the VSU executives with the full support and cooperation from the faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders. The VSU President pointed out that "To accomplish something, we must dream, plan and act."


Dr. Bacusmo also revealed that in crafting the 2013 Priority Plans, he has to attune with the present situation of the University and how he wants VSU to look-like in the future. The VSU President said that he devoted time to reflect and considered some major issues in consultation with the key players of the University before he finalized his plans. Among the major considerations that he looked into were: the Philippine Higher Education Road Map, memoranda from CHED, typology of higher education institutions which is a requirement for HEIs to be classified as universities, re-leveling of state universities and colleges, positioning and branding of VSU, change in funders' priorities and operation, one year lapse period for budget (GAA), and opportunities in the horizon.

The VSU President outlined the priorities that the University shall undertake this year 2013 with sharing of responsibilities among employees from various offices.

The Office of the President shall take the lead in the preparation of the VSU Code, identify some measures regarding solid and waste water disposal, initiate amendments of LSU Charter (if necessary), and in fund sourcing.

The Office of the Vice President for Instruction (OVPI), on the other hand, shall look into the organization and full operation of the VSU Open University in which he recommended for the abolition of the Instructional Media Development Center and redeployment of its staff to other units/offices, organizing writeshops, and the accreditation of some programs. Aside from the College of Agriculture's achievement as Center of Excellence and the Department of Development Communication's Center of Development, Dr. Bacusmo envisions that other departments/colleges of the University shall also work hard to become COD or COE as what we previously did with the Forestry and Agricultural Engineering programs. The OVPI shall also upgrade the offering of education courses by benchmarking its programs with that of the Philippine Normal University. He also considered the need to plan for VSU's adaptation of the K-12 program which just started last year and now initially being implemented by the VSU Laboratory High School Grade VII students. Since the program is new, there is really a necessity for deeper understanding of the program offering including the curriculum preparation and much more with the training and retraining of teachers handling the subjects. The President also emphasized the need to strengthen the existing programs of the University by instituting new curricular offering such as: BS in Meteorology, BS in Electrical Engineering, etc.

Likewise, the Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension (OVPRE) is expected to undertake the following initiatives: implementation of the PHERNET Project; monitoring and completion of the cutting-edge project; preparation of the ISP for pineapple; preparation of a joint proposal with PhilSuRIn on sugarcane; implementation of the CBSTBF and Technomart projects; launching of "Tuklas Lunas Development Center" and Center for Renewable Energy; implementation of new ACIAR projects, mango project, livestock projects etc.; follow-up of coconut and bamboo project proposals; follow-up of IDG proposal with DA-BAR and SWIP proposal with DA-BSWM; training on publishing on peer-reviewed scientific journal; strengthening "TESDA" programs in preparation for K-12 implementation; and submission of proposals for sweetpotato, yam and cassava.

The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance (OVPAF) shall move forward in its quest for Seal of Excellence by the Civil Service Commission. It will also look into the organization of the VSU Legal Office. OVPAF will also be a prime mover in the provision of "development seed funds" to external campuses, committing more funds for faculty development, and allocation of additional P1.0-million for R and D Network Secretariat. The office is also tasked to plan and provide cost estimate in tapping additional and bigger spring for drinking water and chlorination of VSU water as well as the construction of staff apartments and a student dormitory near the VSU market, installation of more street lights in the lower campus, repainting of buildings, completion of the new library (three phases), design and construction of covered walk, construction of concrete benches in the eco-park, renovation of the Science Lecture Hall, repair and upgrading of the Physics laboratory, construction of an Olympic-size swimming pool, establishment of tilapia hatchery, completion of repair of Tudtud's cottage, road establishment and fencing of agri-ecotourism loops/circuit, renovation and repair of facilities critical for accreditation, completion of OVPRE Conference Hall once RMIS office is transferred, construction of retaining wall in the south side of the campus beach, and diverting the canal in front of Colis and Israel cottages from the lagoon to the Calbiga-a river. The office will also be responsible in purchasing a new garbage truck, man-lift truck, new tractor for PhilRootcrops, and new AUV for OVPI and OVPPRG. OVPAF is also mandated in the implementation of energy conservation program, technology integration at the VSU administration building (e.g. CCTV, timers etc.), and the renovation and repair of the VSU Social Hall and the VSU Fast Food Center.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Vice President for Planning and Resource Generation (OVPPRG) shall come up with a doable plan regarding faculty succession, target setting for the 2013 PBB and CNA, and look for some possibilities of having new investments such as establishment of the VSU laundry and car wash, expanding coco-seedling nursery, and reviving the poultry and layer projects.

Dr. Bacusmo's administration will never turn its back in assisting and even funding projects to its external campuses. The VSU Main Campus will always be at their side as the satellite campuses submit their programs for accreditation by the AACCUP. They will also be assisted in the survey and titling of their lands. Specifically, the VSU President will assist in fencing and development of the 12-hectare lot of VSU-Alangalang, fencing and development of a 15-hectare former ranch of VSU-Villaba into a coconut farm, completion of the renovation of VSU-Tolosa administration building, and expansion of VSU-Isabel multipurpose hall.

All these plans of VSU President Bacusmo will only be materialized once the faculty, staff, students, alumni, benefactors, and other stakeholders will join hands together with a common vision of becoming the "premier university of science and technology in the Visayas."