VSU Alangalang’s 50th Golden Anniversary

This speech was delivered during the 50th Golden Anniversary Celebration of VSU Alangalang held on September 3, 2021.

Happy 50th Birthday, VSU Alangalang!

As the humble steward of the VSU system, I share your excitement and pride for the 50th Golden Anniversary of VSU Alangalang.

Five decades since your establishment, we have seen tremendous growth in this institution because of the collaborative efforts of everyone. From your humble beginnings as the Alangalang Agro-Industrial School in 1971 to become one of the fast-rising component campuses of the VSU system that you are today, I’m very proud of our collective achievement in bringing quality education to the doorstep of every Filipino, especially in the eastern side of the Leyte island.

VSU Alangalang has been a part of the VSU family since 1999. And for 22 years that you have been with us, I believe that a lot of you can attest to the many accomplishments that we made together to improve this component campus not only through infrastructure development but more importantly in terms of instructional quality by investing in the professional advancement of your faculty workforce.

While the victories that we achieved together were countless, I must admit to all of you that there is still a lot of room for improvement for VSU Alangalang that we should all pursue in the next few years. Aside from an extensive faculty development program, we need to also beef up the performance of our students in various licensure examinations along with a continued push for quality assurance, program compliance to CHED, and other accrediting agencies.

We also need to direct our attention to improving our banner programs here in VSU Alangalang by encouraging more students to enroll in agriculture and environmental science degrees because this is part of the original mandate of your beloved institution. We need to develop a great number of professionals in both agriculture and environmental science programs because we need more people in these career directions who will push for sustainable farming practices that are both ecologically sound and environment-friendly.

But again, having more students in our teacher education programs here in VSU Alangalang is also a good sign that people here in your community are already noticing the great potential that can be offered by this emerging component campus. We just need to ensure that our teacher education students will be able to ace their respective board exams so that we can also be at par with some of the notable teacher education schools here in our province, and even in the entire Eastern Visayas region.

My administration is committed to helping you in pursuing these future goals so that we can further propel VSU Alangalang to greater heights. Soon, your campus will be added with a brand new administration building that will serve as the centerpiece infrastructure of your campus. We hope that this new edifice that we’ve invested in VSU Alangalang will inspire our dear faculty members, staff, and students to nurture the kind of excellence that we practice by heart in the VSU Main Campus.

What we really aspire for all our 4 component campuses in the next few years is for you to embody our unique Viscan culture of excellence that we have tried to maintain for the past 97 years. We want VSU Alangalang to grow just like what you have seen in the VSU Main Campus in Baybay City. Just like VSU Alangalang, the VSU Main Campus was also once an unknown provincial agricultural school in 1924 but thankfully, this former remote school metamorphosed into a national powerhouse whose influence in the field of agriculture and technical sciences has been well established here and abroad.

You may say that this is such a tough call to follow but I’d like to remind you of a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that says, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.

I challenge you then to dream with me that one day, maybe on the centennial anniversary of VSU Alangalang, this institution that we all love will become a regional and national leader in agriculture, environmental science, and teacher education.

Help us realize this dream by working extra hard today.

Again, Happy 50th Golden Anniversary VSU Alangalang and daghang salamat kaninyong tanan!


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