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The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc. recently awarded "Candidate Status" to all programs submitted for accreditation during the Preliminary Survey Visit by AACCUP to the VSU-Isabel and VSU-Tolosa campuses.


Results of the Preliminary Survey Visits to the VSU satellite campuses were sent by AACCUP Executive Director Manuel T. Corpus to VSU President Jose L. Bacusmo.

VSU-Isabel Campus submitted five (5) of its programs for accreditation and got grand mean ratings and recommendations in the following programs: a) Elementary Teacher Education – 4.00; b) Secondary Teacher Education – 4.00; c) Agribusiness – 4.31; d) Information Technology – 2.85; and e) Industrial Engineering – 2.85. All the programs were awarded "Candidate Status" with maximum duration of validity from June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2014. The three programs (a, b, and c) were recommended to apply for First Survey Visit within six months after the Preliminary Survey Visit (PSV), while the other two were advised to apply for First Survey Visit not earlier than one year after the PSV.

In a very recent communication from AACCUP, VSU-Isabel will have its First Survey Visit for the Agribusiness, Elementary Teacher Education, and Secondary Teacher Education programs on December 11-14, 2012.

The VSU-Tolosa Campus, on the other hand, submitted three (3) of its programs for accreditation and received grand mean ratings and recommendations in the programs, as follows: a) Elementary Teacher Education – 3.19; b) Secondary Teacher Education – 3.69; and c) Fisheries – 3.27. All of its programs were recommended to apply for the First Survey Visit not earlier than one year after the PSV.

The AACCUP accreditors who conducted the Preliminary Survey Visit in the two satellite campuses were: Dr. Romualdo B. Generalao of Cebu Normal University as Team Leader, Dr. Ledesma R. Layon of Cebu Technological University, and Dr. Alfredo E. Niones of Bohol Island State University.

The Team was accompanied by Dr. Lualhati M. Noriel, head of VSU Accreditation Center.

The Preliminary Survey Instrument used in program accreditation consisted of the following areas, namely: 1) Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives; 2) Faculty; 3) Curriculum and Instruction; 4) Support to Students; 5) Research; 6) Extension and Community Involvement; 7) Library; 8) Physical Plant and Facilities; 9) Laboratories; and 10) Administration.

The checklist served as guide for the institution as well as the AACCUP in determining the level of readiness of an academic program to be accredited for the first time. Each area shall be rated in terms of availability and adequacy of documents using the following scale: 5 – available and very adequate; 4 – available and adequate; 3 – available and fairly adequate; 2 – available but inadequate; 1 – available but very inadequate; and 0 – not available.

The Grand Mean, taken from the ratings in the different areas, shall determine the readiness of a program and the timetable within which it shall be scheduled for the first survey visit, using the following scales: 4 – 5 (within 6 months); 2.5 – 3.9 (not earlier than 1 year); 1 – 2.4 (not earlier than 2 years); and below 1 (conduct another preliminary survey).

The two other satellite campuses of VSU (VSU-Alangalang and VSU-Villaba) also submitted their programs for AACCUP accreditation during the Preliminary Survey Visit on October 23-24, 2012 and October 24-26, 2012, respectively. Results of which are still with the AACCUP Board for deliberation.

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