Coastal Cleanup & Gift-giving

As part of its Centennial Anniversary celebration, VSU spearheaded a coastal clean-up drive and outreach program to highlight the importance of sharing and caring for its communities and environment.

Early morning on April 19, 2024, a total of 33 academic units and student organizations at VSU participated in the clean-up activity at the VSU beach, which they extended to the neighboring barangays: Guadalupe and Pangasugan.

Being a protected marine sanctuary, maintaining the cleanlines of the VSU beach is the crucial part as there are many people who continue to litter in the seashore. 

This activity served as an eye-opener on how to safeguard the marine ecosystem to the Viscan community who generally envisions sustainable communities and environment.

After the coastal clean-up activity, the VSU team visited Pangasugan Elementary School for the gift-giving initiative, “Gasa ug Panagdait” in which they prepared gifts, school supplies, and snacks for the 169 pupils of the school.

 VSU specially chose Barangay Pangasugan for this activity since it is considered as its home community, where it is geographically located. 

 More grand activities are waiting as VSU draws nearer to its 100th year in April 16, living up to its vision on upholding academic excellence.   

 [All photos are courtesy of Jared Caberos of Amaranth | With reports from Daisuke Legaspi and Michael Joshua Nemenzo of Amaranth]

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