DBM and SK Baybay City

Since unemployed youth continues to be high in rural areas despite the decline in the unemployment rate according to the Philippine Statistics Authority in 2023, VSU through the Department of Business and Management (DBM) was inspired to pursue an extension project on empowering the rural youth through entrepreneurship, digital marketing skills, leadership competence, and financial literacy development. 

To help address youth unemployment in the countryside, VSU-DBM initiated a project to aid the rural youth in Baybay City who experience constraints in employment, educational access, and training opportunities.

Dr. Mark C. Ratilla, the Head of DBM proposed the extension project to the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) of Baybay City through their SK Federation President Hon. Kyla Shannen T. Vidal for collaboration and partnership.

The alliance between these two organizations will be hitting two birds with one stone as the project can also be a gateway for fostering a unique milestone extension program for the department – being able to partner with different sectors, and with the SK Federation benefiting through adapting the project as part of their program towards the youth sector. 

According to Dr. Ratilla, the stakeholders hope to realize the project through capacity building. The youth leaders of the City will be trained in business idea generation, conducting feasibility studies, and developing comprehensive business plans. They will also be trained on harnessing digital solutions in product and service marketing, leadership, and better management of financial resources.

Business plans developed from the training can serve as a blueprint for implementing actual business operations in their communities. SK leaders can leverage their expertise gained from capacity-building initiatives to impart their knowledge and skills to other youth who require similar expertise. Moreover, the activity will extend as an avenue for the youth leaders to promote undiscovered and authentic products in their communities.

To implement the activity, the SK Federation accounts for providing a venue and facilitating the gathering of youth leaders from across the city of Baybay. Meanwhile, DBM plays a crucial role by providing a comprehensive training module to participants in the areas of entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, and finance.

This targeted approach ensures the activity equips aspiring leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

To ensure sustainability in community engagement, DBM is committed to providing exclusive coaching and mentorship opportunities to those youth leaders interested. This long-term approach ensures youth leaders can translate their visions into reality within their communities. 

This shows that this exciting partnership does not just go beyond a one-time activity, offering ongoing support to empower Baybay's youth but also holds immense promise for the future of Baybay City, in general.

By equipping young leaders with the knowledge, skills, and ongoing guidance they need, the program can potentially create a lasting positive impact on the community.

As of writing, while a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is still pending between the two parties, VSU-DBM is eager to move forward. Dr. Ratilla expressed his enthusiasm to begin as soon as the agreement is finalized. The target roll-out of the said project will be in July 2024.

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