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One of university life's most important academic highlights is the commencement exercises. Here at Visayas State University, we make it our mission to make every graduation day memorable not only for our graduating Viscans but to their families and friends who come to celebrate with them on their occasions of success.

In the course of preparing for #VSUGrad2024, one of the challenges we’ve met is where to hold the event. Since the days when ViSCA and LSU graduations were held at the amphitheater, to when it moved to the gymnatorium, and then to the oval grounds, the main consideration was if the venue was capable enough to safely contain all graduates and guests. 

The number of graduating Viscans on the main campus has grown steadily and right now, at about 1,500 graduates, plus with family, guests, faculty, staff, and officials expected to be at the program, such a crowd couldn’t be handled safely at the VSU Upper Oval Grounds. 

The threat of La Niña looming over us at this time complicates preparations. Sure, we’ve had rain in previous graduations—unexpected but moderate showers that we were able to handle well. But La Niña would do no good for the earth at the oval field, the electrical equipment that runs the show, and most importantly for everyone’s health and safety. This means that our previous venue is no longer a feasible option.

So the #VSUGrad2024 organizing committee considered two workarounds: hold the graduation by cluster and change the venue. This way, we thought we could be better in control of the situation by lessening the unpredictable variables. 

On June 11, we presented this proposal to you in a consultative meeting at the RDE Hall. We thank you for telling us that you wouldn’t prefer to hold it outside of VSU.

Indeed, Viscans should graduate at VSU.

So now, we are excited to hold the 71st Commencement Exercises on August 6 and 7 at the expanded VSU Gymnatorium. With the clustered arrangement, the expanded gym can house as many as 2,500 people. This means every graduate can bring in as many as three (3) family members and loved ones to witness them march across the stage to receive their diplomas. 

We are already working on making the place as presentable as possible for you and your beloved parents and other special guests. We have new LED walls coming to be installed on both sides of the stage for the live video stream to complement our existing large multimedia display as our central backdrop.

There will also be designated photo walls at the VSU Upper Oval Grounds for you to capture our iconic Mount Pangasugan and relive your happy memories inside our beautiful campus.

The graduation committee is confident that the gym will be the most comfortable and safe space inside VSU where the community can celebrate and share your success on this significant day of your lives.

More details about the preparations for our upcoming graduation ceremonies will be communicated to everyone via official means.

Thank you very much and God bless us all!

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