The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc. sent eighteen (18) accreditors to the Visayas State University (VSU) Main Campus on September 10-13, 2013 to evaluate the eight programs submitted by VSU for Level II Accreditation.


The AACCUP accreditors who evaluated cutting across eight programs were: Prof. Ricky G. Abaleña III, Overall Coordinator and Team Leader of the BS Development Communication Program; Dr. Analiza G. Alingalan, Team Leader – BS Computer Science Program; Dr. Alfredo U. Castro, Jr., Team Leader – BS Agricultural Engineering Program; Dr. Christine B. Diocos, Team Leader – BS Chemistry Program; Dr. Noel C. Genturo, Team Leader – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program; Dr. Emma D. Gulmatico, Team Leader – BS Biology Program; Prof. Hilda C. Lorilla, Team Leader – BS Forestry Program; Dr. Evelyn R. Reyteran, Team Leader – BS Food Technology Program; and Dr. Milagros M. Antonio, Prof. Salvador C. Ballano Jr., Dr. Mae P. Bas, Prof. Victoria P. Besana, Dr. Esperidion B. Corvera Jr., Dr. Avelina D. Escudero, Prof. Julius R. Fetiluna, Dr. Joel A. Perez, Dr. Isauro S. Sindol Jr., and Dr. Adelfa A. Villaflor, as members.

The accreditors were warmly welcomed by Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo during the courtesy call at the VSU Office of the President. President Bacusmo narrated how the institution started as a provincial agricultural school and how it reached its present status as the first-ever university in the country with an Institutional Accreditation given by AACCUP.

Guided by VSU's vision as the premier University of science and technology in the Visayas, Dr. Bacusmo briefed the AACCUP accreditors on the different programs and research activities being conducted by the University. The narration of the President was supplemented with a campus tour prior to the opening program.

The AACCUP Team Overall Coordinator, Prof. Ricky Abaleña III, emphasized that it is important for all of us to work together in providing high quality education to our students and hopefully producing high quality graduates. “That’s primarily the very reason why we are gathered to look into the process made by the VSU along this line,” he stressed. Abaleña also lamented, “Just like you are, we will have our own pains as we go through the rigors of assessing your programs. It means, sleepless nights and challenging moments by which only the idea of teamwork and professionalism can ease the impact.”

During the exit conference, the accreditors presented their findings based on the data they gathered through the documents submitted; ocular inspections in the different departments offering the eight programs subjected for evaluation; classroom observations; visits to the different research centers and extension projects; and interviews among the students, faculty, alumni, and parents. They also presented what are the strengths of the programs they evaluated as well as the recommendations necessary in enhancing the programs.

Moreover, Prof. Abaleña candidly said “For many of us accreditors, we came to understand how an institutionally-accredited university is working. Not only that, we also encountered world-class scientists from various programs, met award-winning students, and observed outstanding outputs from faculty and students.”

“Personally, I have met parents who are almost teary-eyed telling me about the story of their children, and shared other experiences by our fellow accreditors which contributed to our overall assessment of the programs,” he added.

Finally, the Overall Coordinator gave the accreditors’ impression in a single sentence: “Generally, for many of us, we were impressed and satisfied with many things and have reservations of some few things.”

On the other hand, Dr. Bacusmo expressed his gratitude to the VSU faculty and staff who really worked hard in the accreditation. He also lauded the AACCUP accreditors for objectively assessing the programs of the University. “It needs someone from the outside to tell us what we need to do more,” he quipped.

In the presence of CHED-8 Regional Director Libertad P. Garcia and some key officials of the University, Dr. Bacusmo committed to do his best to address all the recommendations presented by the accreditors that would make the programs more effective and relevant to the needs of the students and other stakeholders.

He was also delighted by the presence of Dr. Garcia who listened to the comments and suggestions given by the accreditors, especially on the budget for all the departments. “We will try to address that even with our limited funds and I am happy that the CHED Regional Director is here to hear that. Maybe she can whisper to the chairman of CHED because the PDAF is now going to be coursed through the line agencies,” Dr. Bacusmo said.

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