The Office of the Vice President for Planning and Resource Generation (OVPPRG) and the Office of the Director for Administration and Human Resource Development (ODA-HRD), through the Performance Management Team (PMT), facilitated the “Performance Planning Review and Workshop Revisiting 2013 Targets and Presentation of 2013 Accomplishments” on September 23-24, 2013 at the VSU’s Center for Continuing Education.

          According to Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin, VP for Planning and Resource Generation and chairman of the PMT, the activity sought to revisit the offices’ targets for 2013 as indicated in their OPCRs, and at the same time look into the performance of the different delivery units of the University for the past nine months.

        The participants were also reminded how the Performance Management System Cycle is being observed by the University as presented by Dr. Tulin:

Stage 1 – Performance Planning and Commitment was already accomplished after the workshop on Target Setting held in March 2013;

Stage 2 – Performance Monitoring and Coaching is being tackled in the on-going workshop;

Stage 3 – Performance Review and Evaluation which the University will do by late November or early December for the whole year performance; and

Stage 4 – Performance Rewarding and Development Planning.

“This is an annual cycle which we should follow because we have that guidebook (approved SPMS) that we need to implement every year,” Dr. Tulin stressed.

     He also pointed out that as a requirement for the compliance of the SPMS, the Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR) Forms of various delivery units must be calibrated and anchored on the University’s commitment as reflected in the Major Final Outputs (MFOs) and in the Performance Indicators (PIs) cascaded down to the different units.

        The Vice President presented again to the participants the SPMS key players and their responsibilities, as follows:

     SPMS Champion - together with the PMT, the SPMS Champion is responsible and accountable for the establishment and implementation of the SPMS, sets agency performance goals/objectives and performance measures, determines agency target setting period, and approves office performance commitment and rating;

      PMT - sets consultation meetings with all Heads of Offices to discuss the office performance commitment and rating system and tools, ensures that office performance management targets, measures, and budget are aligned with the goals of the agency, recommends approval of the office performance and rating system and tools, acts as appeals body and final arbiter, identifies potential top performers for awards, and adopts its own internal rules, procedures, and strategies to carry out its responsibilities;

      Planning Office - functions as the PMT Secretariat, monitors submission of OPCR and schedule the review and evaluation by the PMT, consolidates, reviews, validates, and evaluates the initial performance assessment based on accomplishments reported against success indicators and budget against actual expenses, conducts an agency performance planning and review conference annually, and provide each office with the final office assessment as basis in the assessment of individual employees;

      Office of the Director for Administration and Human Resource Development - monitors submission of Individual Performance Commitment and Rating (IPCR) Form, reviews the summary list of individual performance rating, provides analytical data on retention, skill/competency gaps, and talent development plan, and coordinates developmental interventions that will form part of the HR Plan;

     Head of Office - assumes primary responsibility for performance management in his/her office, conducts strategic planning sessions with supervisors and staff, reviews and approved individual performance commitment and rating form, submits quarterly accomplishment report, does initial assessment of office performance, determines final assessment of individual employees’ performance level, informs employees of the final rating and identifies necessary interventions to employees, and provides written notice to subordinates who obtain Unsatisfactory or Poor rating; and

      Individual Employees - act as partners of management and co-employees in meeting organizational performance goals.

      Moreover, Dr. Tulin presented the University’s Commitment (Forms A, A1 and B) submitted to the DBM and to the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for PBB purposes and as guide to the participants.

      After the presentations, the heads and representatives of the different delivery units of the VSU System presented their respective revised OPCR for final calibration by the PMT members who were present composed of Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin, VP for Planning and Resource Generation as chairman; Dr. Lourdes B. Cano, Director for Administration and Human Resource Development; Dr. Lualhati M. Noriel, OIC-VP for Instruction; Prof. Jacob Glenn F. Jansalin, Faculty Representative; and Prof. Rosa Ophelia D. Velarde who represented Dr. Othello B. Capuno.

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