flowergarden 2014The Flower and Garden Show 2014 served as the opening salvo of the 90th (Nanogintennial) Founding Anniversary of the Visayas State University. It was held in the afternoon of August 1 at the VSU Social Garden.

Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, VSU President, was so elated with the presence of many plant exhibitors and enthusiasts whose number keeps on increasing every year. Dr. Bacusmo also emphasized that there is always something new that the exhibitors want to show to the plant lovers and other clients that would entice them to come to VSU every time it holds its anniversary.


Dr. Maura Consolacion D. Cristobal, Regional Director of the Commission on Higher Education of Region 8 (CHED-RO8), as the guest speaker, was represented by Mr. Marcelo Uy, Chief Administrative Officer of CHED-RO8, because the former was suffering from colds due to her activities of visiting various colleges and universities in the region promoting the CHED Student Financial Assistance Program (StuFAP).


In his message, Mr. Uy delved into the theme of the anniversary celebration which is “Upland Agriculture: Unlocking its Potentials for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience.” He said that the theme was very timely because of the experience we had with the Super Typhoon Yolanda. He averred that we already manifested our resilience as a people. “However, it seems that the plants were able to easily adapt to the change in the system. If we look around, especially those areas hardly hit by the typhoon, healthy plants are now thriving but most of the people were not able to adjust yet,” Mr. Uy said.


The speaker quoted the US Environmental Protection Agency which released the statement that the ever changing climate indeed impacts so much on us and the ecosystem as a whole. He also said that many cultures nowadays are already preparing for the impacts of these climate changes through adaptation.

Uy even narrated his love for agriculture which he practiced at home and in his farms. He also shared the innate passion of his wife in caring for the flowering and ornamental plants in their own house.

After the short program, the speaker together with some VSU officials and other guests proceeded to the main entrance of the Flower and Garden for the Ribbon Cutting and for the viewing of the exhibits.

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