In a letter sent to Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, VSU President, by Dr. Manuel T. Corpus, Executive Director of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc., dated July 16, 2014, he informed the University President that the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Program of VSU has been awarded the Level IV Re-accredited Status favorably acted by the Board after it was assessed by the AACCUP accreditors and recommended for such approval.


This recent development made another record to VSU as the first-ever University in the country to be given the highest accolade as an excellent institution offering Agriculture Program with prestige and authority comparable to similar programs in excellent foreign universities. As what the AACCUP Executive Director had said “There are already a number of institutions who applied for Level IV accreditation of their Agriculture Program, but no one has passed yet.” So, only VSU did it.


Based on the AACCUP Technical Review and Recommended Board Action, the VSU’s Agriculture Program Level IV Re-accredited Status shall be valid from April 16, 2014 until April 15, 2018. The Agriculture Program earned excellent outcomes in the following areas with corresponding ratings: Research as seen in the number, scope and impact of scholarly publications in refereed national and international journals – 4.75; Teaching and Learning as proven in excellent performance of graduates and continuing assessment of student achievement – 4.75; Community Service and the impact of contributions to the economic and social upliftment, on both regional and national levels – 4.5; Evidence of International Linkages and Consortia – 4.5; and Well-developed planning processes which support quality assurance mechanism – 4.75, with a Grand Mean of 4.65.


The following are the recommendations of the Board for VSU to consider:

1) Keep a file of your “Narrative Profile” to be used as reference in the next survey visit;


2) Prepare your Research Agenda/Program for the period 2014-2018. The program must contain specific projects/studies and their corresponding study leaders, budget, schedule of implementation, and other relevant information, a) implement the program and the specific projects/studies, and b) make a report on your accomplishments in 2018;


3) Prepare your “Extension program/Agenda” for the period 2014-2018. The 4-year program must indicate the specific extension projects and their respective leaders, locations, beneficiaries, budget, schedule of implementation, cooperating agencies and other relevant information, a) implement the programs and its projects, b) conduct a report on your accomplishments in 2018, and c) conduct an impact study of each project that is carried out;


4) Prepare your “Faculty Development Program/Plan” for the period 2014-2018. Indicate the specific projects/grants and the corresponding beneficiaries/participants, time period covered, funding, funding sources, and sponsoring agencies and other relevant information, a) implement the program, and b) make a report on the results in 2018;


5) Evaluate and strengthen your national and international linkages and consortia;


6) Prepare your Quality Assurance Plan for 2014-2018. Implement and submit a report on the accomplishment in 2018;


7) Pursue tracer study of your BSA graduates up to 2018. Make a report on the results in 2018. Further improve the performance of your graduates in the workplace and the licensure examination; and


8) Roll and implement yoru strategic plan 2010-2015 to 2014-2018. Make a report on the accomplishments in 2018.  


The AACCUP accreditors who visited VSU on April 1-2, 2014 were: Dr. Namerod F. Mateo of the University of Rizal System, Dr. Lydia P. Libunao of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University-NLUC, Dr, Marilyn B. Atinyao of Benguet State University, and Dr. Manuel T. Corpus of AACCUP.


It can be recalled that VSU is also the first-ever University in the country to be given an Institutional Accreditation by the AACCUP. JFMBaldos