To the Christian community, everyday is always a Christmas day.  We always put Christ at the center of our lives and let Him reign to guide and direct our path as we traverse this never ending and exciting life’s journey. 


There is always a reason for us to rejoice and be merry.  As we celebrate the Advent Season, we always remember the coming of Jesus Christ into the world and most importantly into our lives.  We could not hold but feel the excitement in reminiscing that once in the history of humankind, a baby boy was miraculously born on a manger to a Virgin Mary who was worshiped by the Magi or the three wise men. 

If we try to think of the reasons why we need to celebrate the Advent Season, we may think of the coming of Jesus Christ as a baby 2000 years ago to live as a man and die for us.  For all of us Christians, we could say that this happens because Jesus wants to come into our lives.  And, most importantly, we are hoping that Jesus is coming back to the world as King and Judge, and no longer a baby.

Yes, really, Jesus is the reason for Christmas.  Never can we forget his fortitude and sacrifices just to save all of us.

We ought to ignore and fail to remember the pandemonia brought by last year’s calamities.  But we have to think what messages those adversities wanted us to do   that would propel us to be more resilient in facing this year’s challenges and those of the coming years.  Let us not be toppled down by those trials, but rather be more vigilant and rise up from the uncertainties and bravely face what lies ahead.

Needless to say, let’s all be happy.  Let us celebrate Christmas together with our respective families and loved ones.  Let us share the blessings we received to other people regardless of status in life.  As what the bible says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

And most importantly, put Christ at the center in everything that we do for “Jesus is the reason for Christmas.”

Have a merry and cheerful Christmas to one and all!


University President