The University Supreme Student Council (USSC) with the leadership of Miss Claire Larzen Z. Tello, USSC President, conducted the First T.I.M.E. Congress on March 6-7, 2015 at the VSU Center for Continuing Education and at the VSU Garden Beach Resort.  The Congress is the University-wide leadership camp for the budding student-leaders of the Visayas State University System which focused on the four areas: Train, Initiate, Manage, and Explore (T.I.M.E.). 

            As a prelude to the student elections of new leaders of the USSC as the command shall be turned over to the new USSC President for School Year 2015-2016, the USSC invited Prof. Renato Jose Maria V. Molano, an inspirational speaker and professor of the De La Salle University in Manila who is also the National President of the Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers (PACSA), as the resource person, who elucidated on the four focused areas of the Congress—T.I.M.E.  Prof. Molano’s presentations, divided in four sessions, were supplemented with some group dynamics that really amazed and enticed them to actively participate in the different activities.

Moreover, the occasion was doubly inspiring to the VSU student-leaders as the University President, Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, shared his life’s testimony from his childhood until he reached his present position.  Dr. Bacusmo is very optimistic and confident that the budding young leaders of VSU will also aim for the best of their lives and to serve their fellowmen.

The two-day activity aims to train the student-leaders to train others in the concept of servant leadership; to equip the student-leaders with ideas that would help them initiate sound governance; learn how to manage all aspects of leadership with respect to time, reasons, and resources; and to be given the chance to show off their leadership capacities and capabilities.  JFMBaldos

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