Miss Anna Catherine A. Plata and Miss Mary Jane C. Sumayod, senior BS in Criminology students of VSU-Tolosa who were on their internship at VSU Main, returned a ZHDX cellphone which they found on March 4, 2015 at 6:20 in the morning at the sidewalk near Post Number 2 and the Obelisk structure.  They thought that the cellphone was already destroyed, but when they opened it there was a message requesting the finder to return the cellphone to the IT Building.

In an interview conducted by the VSU Obelisk staff, it was found out that the cellphone was lost by Miss Arah Flor B. Gallardo, a sophomore BS in Computer Science student of VSU, on March 3, 2015 while she was participating in the “Amazing Race” as part of the Computer Science Week Celebration.  Miss Gallardo was not the real owner of the cellphone and she just borrowed it from her friend.

She was so thankful to Miss Plata and Miss Sumayod for the generosity in returning the cellphone to her.  According to Ms. Gallardo, “I also learned a lesson from the incident.  Next time, I will not borrow again a cellphone without returning immediately to the owner.”  JFMBaldos