The Civil Service Commission of Region 8 (CSC-8) accorded the Visayas State University (VSU), together with other four government agencies in Eastern Visayas, with the Level II Maturity Award in HR Systems (Performance Management System and Rewards and Recognition) under the PRIME-HRM.  The award was received by VSU President Edgardo E. Tulin from CSC-8 Regional Director Victoria F. Esber on February 1, 2016 during the PRIME-HRM Congress at La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort in Brgy. San Roque, Tacloban City.

            Being awarded with the PRIME-HRM Maturity Level II (Process-Defined HRM), VSU is able to demonstrate readiness to exercise delegated HR functions, crafting standard operating procedures and automating systems, among others; and enjoy certain privileges, such as the authority to take final action on appointments.

            The selection of the different agency-awardees was based on how the agency performs in the four core systems—Recruitment, Selection and Placement; HRD Learning and Development; Performance Management System; and Rewards and Recognition.  The four core systems were vividly discussed individually by the CSC directors.

            The Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) aims to elevate public sector human resource management to a level of excellence through a process of assessment, assistance and recognition of HRM systems, competencies, and practices using HRM maturity level indicators that are at par with global HRM standards.  It also envisions to inspire agencies to transform their HRM systems that support the agency mandate, empower agencies in the performance of human resource management functions, promote and reward excellent human resource management practices, serve as a venue for exchange and development of expertise in the area of human resource management between and among government agencies, and serve as a search mechanism for best practices in human resource management.

In his response as one of the awardees, Dr.Tulin thanked the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for the award and recognizing VSU’s effort in attaining the objectives of the PRIME-HRM program.  “We are proud that our best practices have been acknowledged by the CSC and we have always been guided by the principles of the PRIME-HRM program,” the VSU President said.  He also stressed that the impact of the operationalization of our SPMS can be felt in the University’s culture because everybody has the conscious effort of improving competency and performance target. 

“True to its goal of institutionalizing meritocracy and excellence in human resource management, this award inspires us to do more so we can achieve the level of maturity in due time.  We assure you our commitment to implement the program that will result to meritocracy and excellence in public service to make the public happy, satisfied, and delighted,” Dr.Tulin mused.  

The VSU President also emphasized that in as much as superior human resource management system is vital to the success of the organization, a competent human capital is also the light of the organization.  “VSU strives to be globally comparable, thus it is imperative that we will also professionalize and institutionalize our systems and processes,” he quipped. 

Dr.Tulin shared the honor with the former president of VSU, Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, who originally launched the VSU’s quest for excellence in PRIME-HRM in 2013.   Likewise, he acknowledged the VSU HR Officer, Dr. Lourdes B. Cano, and Director Pharida Q. Aurelia, Western Leyte/Biliran Field Office Director, for their effort in making VSU qualified for the PRIME-HRM Maturity Level II. 

On the other hand, Dir. Esber emphasized in her message that whenever they want to nominate people, they always look at VSU as the “hakutanngmga nominees and awards” (haulage of nominees and awards).  “Our partnership with VSU has already been established and recognized,” she stressed.   She also emphasized that with the PRIME-HRM awards accorded to the other four agencies, CSC-8 has expanded the mines where it can haul the rewards and recognitions. 

“I am happy with the responses from the awardees because all of you have recognized the technical assistance, the mentoring, and the coaching extended by our provincial directors.  What amazed me more is that all of us are united in working for excellence and for a better public service.”

She ended her message quoting Aristotle who said, “Excellence definitely is not an accident, it is a product of sincere effort, vision, and hardwork, but more importantly, excellence is a habit.”

The CSC Field Officer Directors where the PRIME-HRM Maturity Level II awardees came from were also given plaques of appreciation by the Civil Service.

This year’s congress was themed “Getting PRIMED with PRIME-HRM.”