The Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection (RAATI) Team for School Year 2015-2016 headed by Col. Ricardo M. Colina, GSC PA (RET), evaluated the VSU Reserve Officer’s Training Corps Unit (ROTCU) on February 2, 2016 at the VSU Lower Campus Oval Grounds.  The VSU ROTCU was hailed as the regional champion in the 2016 RAATI for garnering a numerical rating of 96.643.

            The VSU ROTC Unit, with Maj. Vedasto A. Cabales, Jr. (CE) PA, Commandant, underwent intensive evaluation by the team of inspectors. The cadets and cadettes snappily displayed their prowess in the manual of arms, gave their best during the ceremonial parade, rank inspection, company drill, administrative inspection, military stakes, and field demonstration.

            This year’s tactical inspection determines the existing condition of the activated ROTC Units in terms of administration, personnel, training facilities, training aids, equipment and support extended by school authorities; evaluate the degree and quality of training attained by the ROTC cadets vis-à-vis performance of Army personnel assigned in the ROTC Units; measure the degree of administrative efficiency, training management, proficiency and quality of training and education attained by the corps of cadets; determine the best performing ROTC Units in the region as basis for awards and recognition; and determine the extent of support provided by the school, whether ROTC funds are judiciously utilized.

            The RAATI Team paid a courtesy call to the VSU Office of the President where they were warmly welcomed by Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin, University President.

During the Commandant’s Briefing, 1Lt. Ricarido C. Nanggan, Jr., MAC (RES),VSU ROTCU Assistant Commandant, explained that the RAATI is heldto indoctrinate  and equip  the ROTC trainees with the basic knowledge on military science and skills in the right attitude of military professionalism, prepare and develop college students for possible service in the defense of the state and in the event of national emergency, and to train potential officers for possible commission to the reserve force of the AFP.

Other members of the Team include Capt. CleritoCerna (INF) PA, MSg.Bianny T.Isip (Inf) PA,MSg. Bernardo C. Flores (Inf) PA, and MSg.Recho P. Lopez (Inf) PA.