VSU offers a unique opportunity for advanced study through highly innovative and relevant graduate programs covering a wide range of disciplines relating to agricultural and rural development.

Students make use of extensive instructional and research facilities of the academic as well as of various VSU-based research centers. The University also provides general amenities including housing, social, recreational, spiritual and shopping facilities. The scenic campus is situated at the foot of Mt. Pangasugan and facing the beautiful Camotes Sea, making VSU a conducive place for study.

The University regularly updates its program to keep pace with the ever changing needs of students and to ensure an atmosphere for optimum academic advancement.


The Graduate School of VSU strive for excellence in graduate education for regional growth and rural development. It offers graduate courses to teachers, researchers, extensionists, administrators and other professionals to upgrade their educational competencies. It also offers weekend classes and distance education for those who do not have enough time to attend to conventional schedule.

Philosophy. A teacher must foster intellectual curiosity among students and train them in the art and science of searching for truth to achieve excellence whether in the classroom or in the laboratory, in nature or in society

Vision. A globally competitive university for science, technology, and environmental conservation.

Mission. Development of a highly competitive human resource, cutting-edge scientific knowlegde and innovative technologies for sustainable communities and environment.

Goal. Produce high quality manpower in agriculture and its allied fields through graduate education to serve the development needs of the region.

General Objective. To strive for excellence in graduate education for regional growth and rural development.

Specific Objectives

  • To offer graduate courses to teachers, researchers, extension workers, administrators and other professionals.
  • To train and guide graduate students in conducting productive and independent research studies relevant to agriculture and its allied fields.
  • To design and implement innovative strategies for the enhancement of managerial and leadership skills of professional and development workers.
  • To strengthen personal discipline and moral character of graduate students to better serve their clientele.

Research Agenda

1. Health of individuals, families and communities
        -Health and Wellness Promotion
        -Population and Health Issues
        -Emergency Preparedness
        -Disease Prevention
        -Curative Management
        -Climate Change 

2. Health Care Delivery System
        -Nursing Management
        -Referral system and networking
        -Public and Private Health services and facilities
        -Health disparities
        -Health Program Evaluation

3. Higher Education System 
        -Nursing pedagogy
        -Tracer studies
        -Evaluation of nursing programs

Extension Agenda

  1. Improvement of health among individuals, families and communities through health education and provision of health services
  2. Enhancement of Health Care Delivery System practices by assessing/evaluating health care agencies and feedbacking results to concerned agencies thus developing intervention schemes as needed.
  3. Full implementation of Higher Education System in nursing.

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The College of Nursing was established in 2009. Since then, the College has grown to become one of the outstanding colleges of VSU owing to its competent faculty who are all Masters degree holders, and instructional quality, facilities and equipment that meet the standards set by the Commission on Higher Education. The College has attained at least 80% passing rate in the licensure examinations ever since.

About CoN

The BS in Nursing program of the College started out as a Ladderized Program (BOR Resolution no. 11, s. 2007 and revised per BOR Resolution no. 79, s. 2008.) Then, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) accredited the two vocational programs in Nursing Assistant and Caregiver which grant students who have passed the TESDA assessment a National Certificate. 

In December 2007, the Department of Nursing Skills Laboratory and Lecture rooms were inaugurated. From then on, the VSU Board of Regents passed BOR resolution no. 73, s. 2009 on the 29th of October, approving the creation of the College of Nursing. Facilities and equipment were set up to meet the minimum standards set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). 

Partnerships with clinical agencies, community organizations. Governmnt and Non-government Organizations were forged to provide the needs of an outstanding generalist Nursing Education.


VSU – CN is an established higher educational institution that nurtures the person’s bio-psycho-socio-cultural and spiritual being for the promotion of one’s self and total human transformation for service and quality nursing care practice.


Produce a compassionate and holistic care giver equipped with critical thinking abilities, competent nursing skills and a well-disciplined person observant of the Code of Ethics for Nurses with emphasis on transcultural nursing.


  • Apply knowledge of the physical, social and behavioral sciences in the provision of nursing care based on theory, research and evidence-based practice
  • Participates in the delivery of nursing care with established legal and ethical parameters in collaboration with clients and members of the interdisciplinary health care team
  • Provides holistic nursing care to individuals, families, communities and society as whole while respecting individual ad cultural diversity
  • Demonstrates effective leadership that fosters independent thinking and collaborative communication in the management of nursing care
  • Serves as an advocate for clients and for the profession of nursing
  • Demonstrates continuing competence, growth and development in the profession

Core Values

  • Verity
  • Service
  • Uprightness
  • Competence and Commitment
  • Nurturance

This is Visayas State University.

Located at the island of Leyte in central Philippines, flanked by a high mountain range and the Camotes Sea, VSU is a leading global university in agriculture and allied fields. Its flagship campus in Baybay City is widely considered the most beautiful educational campus in the Philippines.



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Visiting VSU

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