Flavors from Japan, South Korea, China, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Portugal converged in a food exposition at the VSU Ecopark. Thanks to the students of the Department of Consumer and Hospitality Management (DCHM), a feast of Western and Asian flair is open from 3:00-7:00PM, March 14-17.

But there’s more to the “Food Flair” than what meets the eye.


Besides a showcase of culinary skill, the food festival of DCHM is a gathering of BS in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management students immersing in the hustles and bustles in marketing and entrepreneurship.

DCHM Instructor Romiel Matthew Sanico told that the exposition serves as a practicum for students to develop not only their culinary skills but also their entrepreneurial aptitude.

“This exhibit is more than just an application of what the students have learned inside the classroom. We encourage them to be business-minded and let them market their own products,” said Sanico.


The culinary instructor said he wanted to instill an entrepreneurial mindset to encourage them to start their own enterprise.

“Rather than working as an employee, we highly recommend them to venture into business as young entrepreneurs after they graduate. Above all, we want them to succeed in the business industry,” quipped Sanico.


Dr. Antonio Abamo, dean of the College of Management and Economics (CME) emphasized the importance of gearing up students with the trappings of entrepreneurship and inspiring them to become social entrepreneurs. Dr. Abamo was inspired by the enthusiasm of the younger generation to create ideas and take control of their own businesses.


According to the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, a younger generation of entrepreneurs from 20 to 35 years old are starting more companies and targeting higher profits than their baby boomer (over age 50) predecessors.


The food fair is one of the highlights of the 7th founding anniversary celebration of CME.