Dr. Nikki P. Amarado of Visayas State University Class of 2019 ranked fifth among the 1,056 successful examinees of the August 2019 Veterinary Medicine Licensure Exam, earning a passing rate of 84.18%. 

VSU remains third in rank among the top performing veterinary schools with more than 50 takers.

With 36 newly licensed veterinarians, VSU registered an institutional average of 64.29%, higher than the national rate of 48.86%.

Dr. Ian Cary Bolante Prado from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) topped this year’s board with a passing rate of 85.46%. UPLB also reaped the Top Performing School title, earning an average of 95.70%.

Here is the complete list of VSU passers in the August 2019 Veterinary Medicine Licensure Exam:

  • Adricula, Shane Portia Relano
  • Albarico, Wailyn
  • Amarado, Nikki Polistico
  • Andico, Wilfredo Jr. Velasco
  • Arabiana, Rafonzil Jean Lumanzo
  • Ballentes, Vera Stephanie
  • Bunod, Mechile Pabrique
  • Caberte, Alexis John Baguio
  • Cahig, John Anthony Larona
  • Caliso, Eric Robin
  • Caoctoy, Angelique Reynor Ymas
  • Colendres Roxanne Joy Bugna
  • Colminas, May Glenlyn Borong
  • Cueva, Shebelle Alcaria
  • Daganta, Reynato Jr. Acabo
  • Elatico, Darlene Sabocoha
  • Gementiza, Kimberly Louise Fontanilla
  • Gimenez, Ma. Isabel Larrazabal
  • Guibone, Shane Binongo
  • Jeve, Jan Warren Alolor
  • Lapasa, Miles Matthew Balabat
  • Leonor, Analyn Maravilla
  • Machica, Mark Anthony Odullo
  • Mesias, James Arvel Pilota
  • Miguel, Marian Joy Gregorio
  • Montinola, Julie Salinas
  • Noya, Ed Franciscus Cabahug
  • Pacayra, Paul Andro Pañares
  • Palermo, Abby Dyanne Daclan
  • Payot, Mardem Joy Papa
  • Raconday, Aliza Rhona Algodon
  • Retuya, Marigold Elbiña
  • Sabejon, Roland Bryle Milleza
  • Tan, Steven Pangilinan
  • Tueres, Alfie Nieva

Congratulations, VSU new veterinary doctors! 

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