“Although not all of you will enter the military service, for sure the discipline that you learned from (the Citizen’s Army Training) program is already instilled in your heart and mind which will make you good citizens of the country.”

These were the words of Baybay City’s SK Federation President Hon. Mark Michael Unlu-cay during the presentation of sponsors and escorts on January 10, at the VSU Lower Campus Oval Grounds.

The ceremony is an important highlight of the Visayas State University Integrated High School’s Citizen Army Training (CAT – I).

The SK President, who came on behalf of Leyte 5th district congressman Hon. Carl Nicolas C. Cari lauded the CAT personnel for keeping the vibrant spirit in molding the future of the junior high school students through military training. 


In the spirit of patriotism, Unlu-cay further explains it would be better to have someone at your side, as in the case of the sponsors and escorts.

Meanwhile, VSU President Edgardo E. Tulin applauded the VSU-LHS administration, facilitating the various military exercises among the junior high school students, as well as the basic roles of sponsors and escorts in this kind of endeavor.