Department of Mathematics and Physics

Application for the pioneering batch of the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BSMath) and the Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics (BSAP) is currently ongoing.

These two new programs will add up to the existing 30 undergraduate programs offered across the eight colleges of the VSU Main Campus in Baybay City, Leyte.

The Department of Mathematics and Physics (DMP) will initially handle the offering of these two new programs until August 2021 before DMP gets divided into two new units, namely, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics.

A resolution seeking the split of DMP into two distinct departments was recently approved at the University Administrative Council (UAdCo) and is now up for approval of the BOR.

Currently, DMP has a total of 20 strong faculty members with 13 professors who took graduate studies in mathematics while 7 of them pursued their graduate degrees in physics.

The BSMath program is designed to give students a background in mathematical modeling, scientific computing, and the modern mathematical applications needed by various industries. Students enrolled in this program will expectedly learn the proper use of problem-solving approaches to investigate and understand different real-life problems by making sense of numerical data.

On the other hand, the BSAP program will provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in physics that are needed in industries and other related sectors. It will also train students to learn the principles of physics needed in coming up with practical solutions to existing problems in an array of fields including but not limited to agriculture, engineering, computer science, business, and medicine, among many others.

Graduates of both the BSMath and BSAP can land in future careers related to higher education, research, engineering, finances, business, and various industries.

In Eastern Visayas, only two universities are presently offering the BSMath program while the BSAP will be the first of its kind in Region 8.

DMP Head Dr. Eusebio R. Lina, Jr. expressed his excitement to welcome the pioneering BSMath and BSAP students of VSU beginning August 2021.

“We are inviting high school graduates who have an innate passion for math and physics to explore these new programs that we will be offering here in VSU next school year. This is an opportunity for you to follow a unique career direction that will test your problem-solving skills and your ability to critically analyze complex but real-life problems. Be part of the pioneers and enroll with us in the BSMath and BSAP programs of VSU,” Dr. Lina said.

For interested applicants of both BSMath and BSAP programs, the VSU College Admission Test (CAT) is ongoing until the end of this month. For more details on this, you can read this quick guide here:

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