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Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, VSU President, lauded those who are involved in changing the lives of the students to become good citizens and better persons during the oath-taking ceremony of campus advisers, campus ministers, and college/department-based guidance facilitators on July 12, 2012 at the VSU's Center for Continuing Education. The president pointed out that on top of VSU's responsibility of imparting knowledge and transferring skills to the students, it is likewise mandated to build characters of its students.


Dr. Bacusmo acknowledged the roles played by the advisers of the different student organizations, advisers and assistant advisers of various dormitories and cottages, guidance facilitators, and campus ministers for they are the models and silent guiding lights to the students of the University. "You are occupying a very important position as advisers to our students in which you have to teach them how to behave in an organization and in a group," he said.

The VSU President also requested the advisers to remind the students to observe proper decorum like wearing proper attire in going to school, banning of cross-dressing, and behaving in public places such as no smoking and proper waste disposal. Dr. Bacusmo is very much confident that the multiple responsibilities and the tasks entrusted on their shoulders could be accomplished because of their dedication and commitment to the organization.

On the other hand, Engr. Manolo B. Loreto Jr., dean of Students, encouraged the advisers to help the University Student Services Office (USSO) in carrying out their roles and responsibilities in helping the students.

The USSO staff took turns in presenting the advisers, campus ministers, and guidance facilitators to the University President. Ms. Carmencita S. Reyes, Guidance Coordinator, presented 26 college/department-based guidance facilitators and 14 campus ministers; Ms. Miriam M. De La Torre, Student Housing In-Charge, presented 36 dormitory/cottage advisers/assistant advisers while Ms. Christie Cyrene T. Tauy, Student Organizations In-Charge, presented 110 faculty and staff who serve as advisers of the 64 recognized student organizations (broken down into: course-related organizations – 24, interest groups – 7, regional organizations – 2, religious organizations – 9, Greek-lettered organizations – 13, and supreme student councils – 9) for School Year 2012-2013.

Ms. Nievira B. Moñiza, president of DECSO, and Assoc. Prof. Elsie E. Salamat, adviser of CAFS-SSC, shared their expectations on behalf of the student leaders and advisers, respectively.

The activity ended with a short message from Dr. Oscar B. Posas, VP for Instruction, who gave the synthesis of the occasion.

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