Special Lecture Series in Thailand

Dr. Moises Neil V. Seriño, Dean of the College of Management and Economics, and Mr. Dhenber Lusanta of the Ecological Farm and Resources Management Institute (Eco-FARMI) took part in the Special Lecture Series on Climate Resilient Agriculture in Bangkok, Thailand as invited resource speakers and collaborating experts.

Dr. Seriño delivered two different topics, first on improving climate-resilient agricultural practices focusing on small-scale vegetable farming in Leyte while the second paper was about the crucial role played by mangroves in providing protection services in typhoon-prone communities in the Philippines.

Mr. Lusanta, on the other hand, presented the role of agritourism farms as conduits for promoting good agricultural practices in Eastern Visayas.

VSU alumnus Dr. Christopher Llones mainly worked on the preparation for this special lecture series that made this collaboration possible. He graduated from VSU in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in economics before migrating to Bangkok, Thailand as a foreign young scholar and completed a straight PhD degree in agriculture by research in 2023.

Dr. Suneeporn Suwanmaneepong, the Director of the Office of Administrative Interdisciplinary Program in Agricultural Technology at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), hosted the two #ProudViscans who presented their research papers.

KMITL is the current number one university in Thailand based on an independent assessment by the Time Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. This institution has been Thailand’s top university for three consecutive years now.


Aside from the lecture series, another important highlight of the event was the initial discussion of the proposed faculty and student exchange program between KMITL and VSU to strengthen the research and academic collaboration of the two institutions. This is part of their commitment to respond to the call for greater mobility among members of the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

With this initiative, both VSU and KMITL will be able to work together in addressing global issues affecting agriculture and natural resources and help realize the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

In this same visit to KMITL, CME Dean Seriño also expressed his delight that some of their top graduates from the Department of Economics are currently doing well in Thailand and are gainfully employed there as young faculty members.

“Having our very own graduates like Dr. Llones work in prestigious institutions abroad is a testament to the strength of our curricular programs at VSU. We hope that our expanded collaborations with many Southeast Asian countries will push for greater opportunities for the mobility of our students, alumni, and our very own faculty members,” the CME Dean shared.

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