Ma'am Palen in UHasselt

Assistant Professor May Ann E. Palen, a dedicated faculty member of the VSU Department of Statistics (DepStat), successfully finished her two-month Predoctoral Visit to Hasselt University (UHasselt), Belgium. 

This opportunity was made possible through the generous support of VLIR-OUS under the Global Minds programme, with additional backing from UHasselt and VSU.

During this enriching experience, Ms. Palen worked under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Thomas Neyens, an expert in Spatial and Temporal Modeling and Biostatistics. This collaboration allowed Ms. Palen to gain invaluable insights and advanced knowledge in the critical fields of Spatial Analysis and Species Distribution Modeling, contributing significantly to her ongoing research endeavors.

The visit also facilitated a robust exchange of methodologies and expertise among UHasselt, Caraga State University (CSU), and VSU, enhancing the institutions’ research capabilities. Instructional materials from UHasselt were shared with Ms. Palen, furthering knowledge exchange.

Additionally, the collaboration strengthened ties between CSU, VSU, and UHasselt, paving the way for joint research projects, possible co-authored publications, and future funding opportunities. 

On top of that, the predoctoral visit of Ms. Palen has not only strengthened her research skills but paved the way for her to explore potential doctorate research and funding opportunities.

Throughout her stay, Ms. Palen actively participated in several workshops and meetings, including the International Course Program (ICP) North Workshop, the Data Series Institute (DSI) Lecture Series, and the STEEM Meetings. 

These events provided opportunities to further her knowledge, network with other experts, and discuss her research ideas.

“I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and for the support from VLIR-UOS, UHasselt, and VSU,” said Ms. Palen. “Working with Prof. Dr. Thomas Neyens and his research group has been an incredible experience. The knowledge and skills I have acquired will undoubtedly benefit my future research and teaching at VSU.”

VSU also extends its heartfelt thanks to Caraga State University, particularly Sir Archie A. Along with his team, for their unwavering support throughout this project. This Predoctoral Visit represents a significant milestone in VSU’s commitment to fostering global academic partnerships and advancing research capabilities.

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