Eight academic programs—four undergraduate and four graduate—of VSU shall be subjected for Level IV (Phase 2) Accreditation by the accreditors from the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc, March 16-18. 

The programs that were qualified by the AACCUP for Level IV include the Bachelor of Animal Science (BAS), Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness (BSAB), Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), and the Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) for the undergraduate degree programs; and the Master of Science (MS-Agric), Master of Science (MS-Educ), Master of Agricultural Development (MAgDev-Agric), and Master of Agricultural Development (MAgDev-Educ) for the graduate degree programs.  After passing the AACCUP evaluation, these programs will be awarded full-fledged Level IV Reaccredited Status.  

AACCUP Executive Director Dr. Manuel T. Corpus said a program that has been awarded full-fledged Level IV Reaccredited Status is considered to be an excellent program comparable with excellent programs around the world.

The Accreditation Team is led by Dr. Corpus who will be accompanied by Dr. Mario T. Suba, BAS Team Leader, Dr. Luzviminda A. Rodrin, BSAB Team Leader, Dr. Lydia P. Libunao, MS-Agric Team Leader, Dr. Maria Teresa SJ Valdez, MAgDev-Agric Team Leader, Dr. Divinagracia M. De Guzman, BEED Team Leader, Dr. Nenita I. Prado, BSEd Team Leader, Dr. Glenda O. de Lara, MS-Educ Team Leader, and Dr. Marina R. Sabado, MAgDev-Educ Team Leader. 

The accreditors will examine the compliance report based on the AACCUP Team’s recommendations during the Level IV (Phase 1) evaluation, and Narrative Profiles of each program. Level IV (Phase 2) accreditation requires evaluation on five major areas including Research, Teaching and Learning, Community Service and Impact, International Linkages and Consortia, and Planning Process. The programs must fulfill the requirements and achieve a rating of not less than 4.5 in all the five areas to be awarded the Level IV Reaccredited Status.

VSU past AACCUP ratings 

VSU was named as one of the top performing state universities and colleges in the country in 2014 for ranking third among the three universities in the country which hurdled the evaluation for Level IV Reaccredited status based on number of programs.  

The university was also included among the top 12 Ranking SUCs with the most number of programs awarded Level III Reaccredited status. These programs inlcude BSAB, BAS, BEEd, BSED, MS Agriculture, MAgDev Agriculture, MS Education, and MAgDev Education. 

The awards were then received by former president Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo from Dr. Corpus and Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr., AACCUP President during the 28th AACCUP Annual National Conference on February 16, 2015 at the Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Manila.

The late Ms. Rebecca B. Napiere, retired VSU Librarian, topped in the list with 35 survey visits conducted among the 20 accreditors who stood out among 1,310 accreditors in 2014 survey visits that were awarded by AACCUP .

On the other hand, Dr. Lualhati M. Noriel, VSU’s Director of the Quality Assurance Center, and Dr. Beatriz S. Belonias, former Dean of the Graduate School and now Vice President for Instruction, were also named by the AACCUP as among the Top 1 placer on the basis of their scores in the required end-of-training examination in one of the seven outcomes-based training workshops conducted by the AACCUP in 2014. 

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