NLE Top 8 2023

Even with occasional panic attacks, this #ProudViscan is a testament that one can overcome and manage intense anxiety while also excelling academically.

This is the story of Erikka Blaze Monredondo, a 23-year-old nursing graduate from the Visayas State University who hails from Barangay Catagbacan Norte in Loon, Bohol.

Her most recent accomplishment is to become the 2nd graduate of VSU to top the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) by placing 8th place in the recent November 2023 boards. She succeeds Althea Grace C. Mosende who also snatched the 8th place in last year’s NLE.

Erikka comes from a humble background being the daughter of a former ambulance driver and a public school teacher. She has four siblings and is the second eldest sister in the family.

In an exclusive interview, the VSU topnotcher explained that she never expected to perform well in the board examination as she felt that the things that she focused on in her review mostly did not appear in the actual test.

“I was really surprised to be put in the Top 10 passers because the questions that appeared in the board exam were quite different from what I reviewed and concentrated on. However, I think that the most important thing to me during my review was the techniques they taught us in answering the questions. This allowed us to carefully select the right answers by understanding what the question was more about rather than merely memorizing stuff,” Erikka explained.

On the evening of December 2 when a strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Eastern Mindanao, this was also lightly felt in Erikka’s hometown prompting her sister to wake her up. When the movement settled, her sister also informed her that she passed the nursing boards but all of them in the family were unaware that she was among the topnotchers of the said exam.

“When my sister informed me of passing the NLE, I opened my social media account and was surprised to see congratulatory messages from my classmates and professors. It was only then that I knew that I did not just pass the exam but was also part of the topnotchers’ circle.” 

Erikka’s family were all teary-eyed learning about the news and her parents weren't able to contain their happiness for the overflowing success of their daughter.

While reminiscing about her decision to take nursing, she remembered that her interest in the field was sparked by a nurse in a local hospital who took care of her when she experienced a panic attack.

“When I was in Grade 3, I was brought to the hospital because I was already hyperventilating. Even at a young age, I was a bit frail and was already suffering from extreme anxiety. There was this nurse from the neighboring town who took care of me that started my interest in this profession. Because of how effective she was in easing my panic attack, I knew then that I wanted to be like her in the future.”

The board topnotcher also recalled that her panic attacks persisted even until college. In her freshman year, she experienced it right after finishing an exam in her laboratory classes.

“In my human anatomy class, I felt extreme pain in my chest right after completing a moving exam. I was very worried then that it might continue and will hinder me from completing my degree. But thankfully, I learned through time how to manage it by deep breathing and distracting myself when I overthink things.”

Erikka’s success story is an interesting example of mastery over panic and anxiety. That one can still excel in her studies even if she has a challenging health condition that can’t be cured overnight.

She leads the 53 strong #ProudViscan licensed nurses who took the recent NLE that allowed VSU to retain its 9-year streak for 100% passing percentage for first-time takers. The other passers include the following:

1. Abapo, Maryjul Cababag
2. Ajoc, Mary  Flor Dango
3. Almoroto, Lord Edwin Calabia
4. Alonzo, Therese Antoniette Acuña
5. Ambid, Robia Lanzaderas
6. Arnaiz, Eloise Vivien Postrero
7. Baduya, Mary Snow Haya Pilapil
8. Balabat, Aizel Valerie Corpez
9. Bartolini, Jullana Marie Faller
10. Batayola, Heaven Leigh Ayessa Bisnar
11. Cadao, Margaux Christelle Salas
12. Cagampang, Karyll Joy Raut
13. Cala, Fritzie Mae Pecson
14. Cañete, Grysson Kyldenn Espino
15. Casas, Jo-An Pauline Aro
16. Casia, Mia Napalit
17. Castro, Louella Golosino
18. Catindoy, Shechienah Macabansag
19. Centes, Mary Estelle Veloso
20. Cumagun, Angela Marie Milado
21. Dalogdog, Beecham Bernaldez
22. Dela Peña, Clariz Joy Rivera
23. Estalilla, June Sheryl Caacoy
24. Festejo, Wilky Mae Gonzales
25. Galos, Jemina Ann Lauron
26. Garcia, Thessa Lonica Clor
27. Gemeda, Mariel Grace Boholst
28. Geromala, Jean Marialle Subayno
29. Guinocor, Liza Ann Mae Apas
30. Handumon, Mary Christine Cemine
31. Lim, Regine Rose Mante
32. Margallo, Marie Jenalee Guloy
33. Membrebe, Shania Barbra Nivera
34. Monje, Stephanie Eunice Pequeña
35. Moring, Erika Dawn Esmero
36. Nelmida, Christian Keith Castroverde
37. Ojendras, Olga Jorica Quinal
38. Piamonte, Julie Rose Ann Morales
39. Pozon, Maria Eloisa Polancos
40. Reloba, John Dave Lingo
41. Sano, Niña Keena Navia
42. Serano, Arthur Valencia
43. Suyom, Andrea Wendel Lorenzo
44. Tadia, Andrea Gail Mesias
45. Tiogangco, Crisven George Fernandez
46. Torregosa, Sheila Mae Denura
47. Torres, Cynthia Tobias
48. Vallinas, Fritz Lyndon Sudaria
49. Velarde, Ronna Lynn Amabao
50. Vergara, Marc Lester Sayson
51. Villa, Jayvie Tadle
52. Yunson, Jachel Ericka Baguion

VSU’s overall institutional passing percentage was at 98.15% making it one of the top performing nursing schools in the region.

Dr. Michelle A. Calda-Tolibas, the Dean of the VSU College of Nursing expressed her gratitude for the dedication of their recent graduates to continue bringing honor to their college.

“Our overall institutional passing percentage may have not been perfect this year but we see this as an opportunity to reach out to all our alumni so that we can provide a needed bridging program for them as they seek to obtain their professional licenses. I congratulate everyone in our college for this accomplishment and we hope to continue producing more licensed nurses in the future so that we can help in augmenting the medical manpower needs of our region and the whole country,” Dean Tolibas said.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 25,761 out of 32,203 takers passed the exam this year. The nursing board exam took place on November 11-12, 2023, across various testing centers in Metro Manila, Baguio, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Calapan, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Koronadal, Legazpi, Lucena, Pagadian, Pampanga, Rosales, Tacloban, Tuguegarao, Zamboanga, Kidapawan, and Palawan.

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