VSUT emergency rescue vehicle

To respond immediately to campus emergencies, VSU Tolosa strengthened its disaster management by procuring a 1.8 million pesos rescue vehicle from its Special Trust Fund. 

In a turnover ceremony held on June 24, 2024, VSU Tolosa Chancellor Quenstein D. Lauzon with some of her key officials received the brand-new emergency response vehicle from Toyota Motor Philippines, Inc.

In 2023, Chancellor Lauzon and Mr. Harvey Tabunan, the Head of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (DRRMO) of Tolosa talked about their plan to purchase a rescue vehicle for the university that would help them during emergency response operations since VSU Tolosa is at risk to weather and geologic-related hazards.

“VSUT is located in an earthquake-prone and typhoon-prone area. Aside from that, we also have cases wherein students have medical problems and need to be transported immediately to the nearest hospitals. Although we can call for assistance anytime from LGU, it is still different if we have our own as we can respond faster in case of emergencies. [The] safety and security of our stakeholders are of top priority. It is our responsibility to be prepared at all times,” Chancellor Lauzon shared.

The new rescue vehicle of VSU Tolosa is airconditioned and equipped with emergency facilities such as medical oxygen, a spineboard, an automated external defibrillator (AED), and an emergency ladder.


DRRMO Head Mr. Tabunan explained that since the university is expanding and more students are coming, their office found it vital to have its own emergency response vehicle, especially since there are dorm occupants who might need emergency care at night.

“We are far from the nearest hospital. We have a clinic and a nurse, but we do not have a doctor. We already had cases in the past when we had emergencies that really required check-ups by a physician, and so this newly-acquired emergency response vehicle will be a big help for the transport of our emergency patients in the university,” Mr. Tabunan revealed.

“Although we have a clinic here it’s only for first aid emergencies. We also need this vehicle so as not to completely rely on LGU’s emergency vehicles which serve the entire municipality,” he added

The turnover ceremony was led by Chancellor Lauzon together with her officials namely Director for Administration and Finance Mr. Lelius Catalino Apostol, Head of DRRMO Mr. Tabunan, Head of Health Services Office Mr. Edwin Dorego, Head of Supply Office Ms. Gayleiza De los Santos, and Head of Procurement Office Ms. Maria Alva Althena Pundavela.

VSU Tolosa forged partnerships with DepEd Leyte and LGU Tolosa

In separate events, VSU Tolosa signed two Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs) with the Department of Education Leyte Division and the Municipal Government of Tolosa to implement two extension projects.

For the first partnership, VSU Tolosa and DepEd Leyte will collaborate on the project “Expanded Adopt-A-School Project: Serving More Elementary Schools in DepEd Tolosa District”, which is an extension project of the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) program of the Department of Teacher Education (DTE), under the College of Teacher Education, Arts and Sciences.

In this project, VSU Tolosa will coordinate with the Tanghas Elementary School, Olot Elementary School, Opong Elementary School, and Daniel Z, Romualdez Memorial Elementary School to implement the project and help improve the numeracy and literacy skills of the pupils.

Meanwhile, the second MOA was signed by VSU Pres. Yepes and the Municipal Mayor of Tolosa Hon. Erwin C. Ocaña for the collaborative project on “Strengthening Local Communities: Enhancing Barangay Council and Peacemakers for Effective Crime Prevention”.

This is not only limited to the VSU Tolosa since VSU Main Campus in Baybay City is also part of the project wherein the responsibilities include providing learning instructors and developing learning materials for the training workshop of Tolosa’s barangay council and peacemakers, and conducting assessments after the training workshops. 

[With reports from Mr. Eugene Permejo from VSU Tolosa]

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