YLAC 2024

Four junior agribusiness students composed of Eugene Aquino, Allan Capa, Darah Lyn Jandayan, and Kirk Lowel Pajanustan brought home a PhP 20,000 cash prize after securing the first runner-up title in the Youth Leaders of Agribusiness Congress (YLAC) 2024 case study competition. 

The proud VSU team from the Society of Agribusiness Students (SABS) competed with 5 other teams from different universities including, two groups from Mindanao State University (MSU) in General Santos, Far Eastern University in Cavite, Central Luzon State University, and the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).

The 10th Gen Pro Max from UPLB was declared the grand champion, while NEGOSYA-IT from MSU General Santos placed second runner-up, respectively.

YLAC is a three-day congress organized by the UP Agribusiness Society annually. Part of the event was the business case competition to challenge participants to apply the knowledge they learned in the classroom to practical cases in the agribusiness sector.

“In this competition, participants are given a detailed business case, involving a specific problem that is faced by a business. They must thoroughly analyze all the case facts, identify key issues, and develop effective solutions to solve or mitigate the problem. This requires them to draw on all the conceptual and theoretical knowledge they acquired in their classes, including strategic thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and well-thought-out solution demonstrating their ability to apply classroom learning to real-world business scenarios,” Pajanustan shared.

Despite their lack of sleep before and even during the main event, the VSU SABS was equally grateful for the support of their organization, families, and mentors namely Mr. Mark Ratilla

Mr. Gideon Tan, Ms. Maria Aries Poliquit in the Department of Business and Management, and coach Ms. Gracielle Dawn Gamotin, who accompanied them to YLAC.

“Two weeks before the competition, we were given three business cases to solve and defend as our training session. Throughout the training, we experienced a lot of pressure but learned a ton. The training was really helpful in our preparation,” Jandayan highlighted.

“After hearing about the competition from previous participants, who were our seniors, we started preparing with workshops. These were conducted with the help of the Society of Agribusiness Students and the faculty of the Department of Agribusiness Management. We learned how to analyze and construct recommendations for various case studies to prepare us for the competition,” Aquino added.

As one of the six semifinalists, the VSU SABS team agreed that they did not expect to advance to the final round and win.

“Winning 1st runner-up was completely unexpected; we hadn't even imagined we would be among the grand finalists in the competition. When our name was announced as the 1st runner-up, I was too stunned to speak. The moment was surreal. Throughout the awarding ceremony, we were exhausted and sleepy, having pulled an all-nighter to refine our analysis. The hours of hard work, stress, and fatigue seemed endless, and by the time we reached the ceremony, we were running on sheer willpower. However, the moment our name was called, all those feelings of weariness and drowsiness were instantly replaced with a burst of joy and exhilaration. It felt incredibly rewarding, and the surge of happiness and pride made all the sleepless nights and efforts worthwhile,” Pajanustan said.

Jandayan disclosed that they were overwhelmed and intimidated by the other participants who come from different prestigious universities in the country. Aquino also pointed out that carrying the name of VSU pushed them to do their best in the competition.

“Competing with other universities was nerve-wracking because we were representing the name and prestige of our university. It pushed us to be better and to show how competitive we Viscans can be. Fortunately, we were able to secure the first runner-up position,” Aquino noted.

All four of them agreed that their experiences at YLAC were memorable and they were able to build networks with other agribusiness students from different universities.

“It was nerve-wracking, the pressure was there but, all in all, it was one of the best experiences I ever had,” Capa mentioned.

“Beyond the competition, the UPLB campus tour and the visit to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) were fantastic additions to the event. They offered a deeper understanding of the academic and research environment, along with insights into sustainable agriculture practices,” Pajanustan concluded.

The event ran from June 19 to 21, 2024, at the Rural Economic Development and Renewal Energy Center of UPLB.

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