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VSU will soon have its own forest products hub as the Department of Science and Technology - Forest Products and Development Insitute (DOST-FPRDI) will donate wood processing machines and advanced machinery for processing wood and non-wood forest products to the university.

Through a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between VSU President Prose Ivy G Yepes, DOST-FRPDI OIC-Director Rico J. Cabanganon, with witnesses DOST-FPRDI Project Leader Engr. Edward Paul S. Marasigan and DOST-Region VIII OIC Director John Glen Ocaña, the parties sealed a partnership to establish the Regional Forest Innovation and Training Center at VSU.

DOST-FPRDI is a government agency mandated to conduct research and development on wood and non-wood forest products; transfer technologies; and provide technical service and training.

Driven by this mission, the DOST-FPRDI implemented the “Establishment of Regional Forest Products Innovation and Training Centers in the Philippines” project to help boost local forest-based industries and thrive in the global market.

VSU as its collaboration partner for this project will accept and house the donated equipment and machinery. The university will also provide needed personnel for training on the operation and maintenance of the machines and another training on DOST-FPRDI technologies in forest product utilization.

“Whereas, DOST-FPRDI is donating wood processing machines and advanced machinery for processing of wood and non-wood forest products, which shall enhance the capabilities of the Visayas State University and its region in product design, processing, and utilization of wood and non-wood forest products,” the MOA reads.

VSU and DOST-FPRDI agreed to share knowledge and information or may collaborate with future research projects, and secure intellectual property rights with the developed or improved forest-based products.

The university is committed to managing the new Regional Forest Products Innovation and Training Center and helping DOST-FPRDI carry out its mission of promoting our forest-based products in international trade.

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