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Visayas State University Credit Cooperative (VSUCC) in partnership with DYDC 104.7 FM launched “VSUCC CooPeraTinabangay Kanunay,” a radio program that aims to widen the cooperative’s reach of its members for financial literacy and transparency.

To enhance the cooperative’s commitment to serve its community, VSUCC will cover a series of financial management topics centered on handling finances through savings, loan expenditure, budgeting, and transparency of the cooperative's activities to solidify its commitment to achieving financial independence among its members.

Established as a micro coop in 1992, promoted to a medium coop in 2022, and finally recognized as a large coop by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Regional Office VIII in October 2023, VSUCC is a closed-type cooperative that is exclusively offered to VSU faculty, staff, and their family.

It has been recognized and awarded nearly annually and is considered the top-performing cooperative in the Eastern Visayas Region for medium-sized cooperatives. Being regarded as a large cooperative with about a thousand members right now contributes to the members' support for achieving and maintaining financial independence in their daily lives.

The collaboration, according to Dr. Christina A. Gabrillo, the newly-appointed Dean of Students, Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Chairperson of the Education Committee of VSUCC, and Station Manager of DYDC-FM, the motivation behind establishing the developmental radio program is to demonstrate their goal to reach out to a larger community through this initiative by sending out messages through cooperative updates and share advice of financial experts that will eventually shape financially independent individuals.

When asked on the sustainability of the program, Dr. Gabrillo shared that “for now kasi ang daming pwedeng gagawin, I don’t think mauubusan kami ng topic kasi sa coop talaga we can also discuss yung rights…, ano yung value nito sa members, and then for example meron silang gustong malaman, for example they have na this 300,000 na na-loan, anong pwedeng gawin nila na lalago ito, we can even teach kung paano mag-business. I-assist lahat para mag-grow talaga financially, matulungan talaga.”

[For now, many things can be done, I don't think we will run out of topics because in the coop we can also discuss the rights..., what is valuable to the members, and then for example they want to know something, for example they have this 300,000 loaned, what can they do to grow it, we can even teach how to do business. Assist and help everyone in growing financially.]

Dr. Nerelito Pascual, the CEO of VSUCC, expressed his positive remarks about the program's development, stating that it will be helpful to the management, economics, and agribusiness students since it will provide them with an opportunity to learn about and comprehend the nature of cooperatives. 

Furthermore, Dr. Mildredo T. Umbac, Board of Director and Chairperson of the Philippine Federation of Credit Cooperative Visayas (PFCCO-Visayas) lauded the activity of the cooperative through a collaborative effort with the DYDC-FM in creating an avenue that fosters efficient community engagement by expanding financial education and training.

”This initiative of VSUCC marks a significant step forward in your commitment to community engagement and educating your members, particularly on financial literacy,” shared Dr. Elenita V. San Roque, CEO of the Asian Confederation of Credit Cooperatives Union (ACCU).

The increasing demand for financial literacy demonstrates the importance of developing one's capacity to make well-informed financial decisions. Consequently, Dr. Gabrillo, with pronounced optimism, is certain to continuously impart financial education which will be the foundation to help the members attain financial well-being.

As of December 2023, VSUCC has 870 members. The newly-appointed Vice President for Administration and Finance, Dr. Elwin Jay V. Yu also served as the Chairperson of the VSUCC Board of Directors. 

The VSUCC CooPeraTinabangay Kanunay will be aired from 9:00 to 10:00 am every first and last Wednesday of the month. Only this morning, June 26, 2024, the first episode of the segment was radio broadcast and livestreamed on the official Facebook page of VSU DYDC 104.7 FM.

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