Welcome to the Society of Agribusiness Students, an organization for students enrolled in the BSAB curriculum. 

Membership to the organization is voluntary. Check out our annual activities below:

  • SABS Valentine's Express - a fund-raising activity organized every Valentines Day.
  • SABS Entrepreneurial Booth - a week-long fund-raising activity organized during the VSU Anniversary. 
  • Alay-Linis - a clean-up activity in the campus done as the organization's service to the university.
  • Bundle of Joy - we give gifts to the indigents in nearby communities during the Christmas season. 
  • Educational Field Trip - SABS members go on an educational field trip to business firms in Cebu as an orientation to the real business arena 
  • Tribute to BSAB Graduates - We pay tribute to our big brothers and sisters before their graduation
  • BSAB Freshmen Orientation - SABS co-sponsors this activity with the Department of Business Management to help BSAB freshmen get by with college education at VSU
  • Organizational meetings - these are held periodically to inform/update members about organizational matters.
  • Induction and Acquaintance Party - a party to welcome new members to the organization. 
  • Tutorial Services - We provide tutorial services in math, calculus, accounting among other courses as per request. 
  • Other Service Activities - SABS members assist in department-based trainings, seminars and other activities by acting as facilitators and co-organizers


Career opportunities for BSAB graduates

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers in agri-industrial firms
  • Researchers in government and private firms
  • Bank Loan Appraisers
  • Project planners, evaluators or consultants
  • Fields supervisors or workers
  • Sales representatives
  • Market analysts
  • Research and Extension Activities

The Department of Business Management (DBM) was created upon approval of Board Resolution No. 23 series of 2001 by the Board of Regents on November 14, 2001. The Department started in 1976 as an agribusiness section of the former Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (DAEA) of the then, Visayas State College of Agriculture.


Center of excellence in business management education and research in the Visayas.


Attainment of highest quality of human capital and scientific knowledge in business management for the sustained growth and development of agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and agro-industries.


  • Produce competent managerial and entrepreneurial graduates to serve the development needs of agro-industries in the Visayas.
  • Provide management support in generating production and processing technologies and its commercialization;
  • Establish linkages, partnerships, and collaborations with government and private institutions and other business management schools.
  • Rainforestation - arming aims to replace the more destructive forms of "Kaingin" practices, form a buffer zone around primary forests, protect their biodiversity, help maintain the water cycle, and provide farmers with stable and higher incomes. Rainforestation evolves from various efforts to sustain human food production and simultaneously preserve the biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems and their vital functions to human kind.
  • Evaluation of Silvicultural Management, Ecological Chances and Market Study of Products of Existing Rainforestation Demo Farm. (Funded by: (Deutsche Gesellsschaaft Für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) - Leyte Island Program, Buffer Zone Forest Management and Reforestation by Small Holder Communities Project)
    • Monitoring Response of Trees to Silvicultural Management
    • Performance Evaluation and Monitoring of Existing Demo Farm: Trees, Soil Nutrients Dynamics, and Wildlife
    • Marketing Study of "Rainforestation" Farm Products
  • Targeting Technology Intervention for Food Security in the Philippines: A GIS Application for Agricultural Research Prioritization - aims to collate, integrate, and analyze the different data sets that are to be made, both at the regional and national levels. (Funded by: DA-BAR)
    • GIS Application for Suitability Evaluation of Biophysical Environments for Rice, Rootcrops, Abaca, Coconut, Fruitcrops, and Poultry and Livestock.
    • GIS Application for Mapping of Agricultural Technology and Field Level Practices in Rice, Rootcrops, Abaca, Coconut, Fruitcrops, and Poultry and Livestock.
    • GIS Application for mapping and Farmer Knowledge System in Rice, Rootcrops, Abaca, Coconut, Fruitcrops, and Poultry and Livestock.
    • GIS Application for Agricultural Research Prioritization in Region VIII.

Research Activities

Community-Based Coastal Resources Management Program - The rapid deterioration of coastal marine resources spurred the implementation of the community-Based Coastal Resources Management (CB-CRM) program. Its major objective is to come up with a holistic coastal resources management plan to answer the needs and environmental-friendly development.

  • Socio-Economic Survey
  • Environment Education
  • Community Organizing
  • Capability Building
  • Technical Support and Alternative Livelihood Establishment
  • Networking
  • Marine Sanctuary Establishment, Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Assessment of the Population, Reproductive and Fishery Biology of Commercially Important Invertebrate Resources of Leyte and Samar.

Extension Activities

Sustaining Local Management of Coastal Resources in Leyte

Pre-implementation diagnosis of sustaining CRM in Baybay, Leyte

  • Initial conceptualization meetings
  • Monitoring and evaluation of marine sanctuaries and artificial reefs and coastal clean-up
  • Law enforcement and regulation
  • Livelihood project

Strengthening the Cuatro Islas marine alternative livelihood projects

  • Evaluation of the Cuatro Islas alternative livelihood project
  • Rainforestation Farming - the training will address the conservation, protection and restoration of the biodiversity of the Philippine rainforest.
  • International Seminar-Workshop on Tropical Ecology - this yearly seminar workshop is organized by the Institute of Tropical Ecology, Leyte State University, Philippines, University of Hohemheim, Germany, University of Satya Wacana, Indonesia and University of Halle, Germany.
  • Scuba Diving - this training facilities learning of the biota in marine ecosystem and their interrelationships with each other and their physical environment. It will help develop a deeper appreciation of the beauty and functionality of marine ecosystems which, in turn, strengthens their understanding of the need to protect and conserve marine habitats.
  • Natural Resource Management and Conservation - the training will focus on the rehabilitation of degraded lands (including rainforestation), erosion control, integrated soil management and biodiversity assessment and conservation.
  • Ecological Impact of Mining Activities - the seminar will focus on the impacts mining/minerals processing on the air, water and soil resources as well as on human health.
  • Coastal Resource Management - the training will address the conservation, protection and restoration of coastal habitats.
  • Soil Waste Management - the training will focus on the proper collection and household and agricultural waste.


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