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hortiThe Department of Horticulture at VSU is a center of excellence for instruction, research, and extension in horticulture playing a lead role in the development of the fruit, ornamental, vegetable and plantation crop industries in the Visayas.

Offers HORTICULTURE as a major field of specialization in the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA), Master of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs of the Visayas State University.



  1. Pomology - focuses on the generation of suitable technologies and training of technical manpower for a competitive tropical fruit industry.
  2. Plantation Horticulture - addresses critical issues and concerns towards the development of appropriate technologies and technical manpower for the modernization of plantation crop industries with an emphasis on abaca, coconut, coffee, and cacao.
  3. Olericulture - aims at developing the full potential of the region's resources for the effective, efficient and sustainable production of high-value vegetables.
  4. Ornamental Horticulture - leads in the development and advancement of the region's ornamental industry.
  5. Nursery Culture - deals with the commercial propagation of important horticultural crops using traditional tools and micropropagation techniques.
  6. Postharvest Horticulture - concerns with the preservation of the quality of harvested horticultural produce.

Extension Activities

  1. Training, Techno-demonstrations and Technical Consultancy
    • Cultural Management of Ornamental plants
    • Hands-on training on asexual propagation of fruit trees
    • Abaca production and management
    • Establishment of cold storage facilities for high-value vegetables and cut-flowers
    • Production of high-value vegetable crops
    • Organic vegetable production
    • Bio organic fertilizer production
  2. Distribution of production guides and other extension materials
  3. Production and distribution of various vegetable seeds
    • Growing vegetable for seed production
  4. Promote the production and monitor disposal or high-quality planting materials of various fruit crops
  5. Provide technical assistance on fruit, vegetable, plantation and ornamental crops production to growers/techno farm
  6. Organize/Assist/Participate Garden Shows and Agri-trade Fair for marketing linkages and technology promotion
    • Garden show
    • Agro-industrial fair


  1. Laboratories
    • Tissue culture laboratory
    • Postharvest technology laboratory
    • Seed processing and seed storage
    • Crop physiology and service laboratories
  2. Production Project / Experimental Areas
    • Vegetables and seed production Projects
    • Fruit crop nursery project
    • Ornamental crop nursery project
    • Fruit orchard (12 ha.)
    • Cacao project (2.8 ha)
    • Coffee project (2 ha)
    • Scion Grove
  3. Other Facilities
    • Library and reading room
    • Lecture room and audio-visual equipment

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