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The Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic Resources (PCAARD) held a meeting with the projects leaders and members of PCCARD-funded projects last November 28, 2013 at the PhilRootcrops Training Hall.

The said meeting was held to “make sure the programs to be packaged are relevant to what is needed and to have a clear idea and match with their observations”. Moreover, to know if the projects they are supporting are adversely affected and if there is a need to rea-lign the budget.

Most of the projects were affected by the Typhoon. For example, the project on Design and Implementation of Communication Internment for the Promotion of Jackfruits Technologies in Eastern Visayas cannot conduct a focus group discussion (FGD) because of the typhoon. “We have to go around and see if there are still jackfruits standing in Ormoc, Biliran and East-ern Samar”, Dr. Wolfreda Alesna, Project Leader said.

Meanwhile, Edwin Villar said that they need a damage report from each project. “We need sup-porting documents, possible na mabigyan kayo ng extension but be open for other possibilities or other scenario. And it has to be related to Yolanda”, he further said.