In his lecture on Opportunities of Digital Data Collection and Implementation of Open Data Kit (ODK), Dr. Leppert introduced apps such as the ODK Collect to graduate and undergraduate students, professors, and researchers , August 3, at the Institute of Strategic Research and Development Studies (ISRDS). This app provides a cost-efficient alternative to pen-and-paper interview schedules, said Dr. Leppert.

In his cost analysis, Dr. Leppert found out that a pen-and-paper interview schedule method would entail a lot of paper. Expenses for printing and reproduction of the instrument for a province-wide study would oftentimes cost around PhP150,000.

On the other hand, a smartphone or a tablet would only cost less than P20,000, compared Dr. Leppert. The ODK Collect app is accessible and free, too.

Watch how Dr. Leppert made use of the ODK Collect app in a “Birds” survey through the video below.

Meanwhile, DEVal donated 25 tablets to ISRDS. Prof. Maria Teresita Tabada, ISRDS Director, said the tablets would also be available to other centers and departments for future impact assessment studies.