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Accredited Student Organizations
School Year 2019-2020





ABELSS (English Language Students Society

Dr. Jett C. Quebec

Bernadeth P. Pepito


Dr. Cherry N. Rola


AMA (Agronomy Majors Association)

Dr. Luz G. Asia

Ivy D. Dagumay


Ms. Gweneth M. Abit


APBM (Association of Plant Breeding Majors)

Ms. Jedi Joy B. Mahilum

Carlo B. Bestorillo


Ms. Julien R. Deroy


BPEd SS (Bachelor of Physical Educa Student Society)

Ms. Florife A. Gatchalian

Christopher M. Gonzales


Mr. Lyndon L. Maningo


ChemSoc (Chemical Society)

Dr. Elizabeth S. Quevedo

Jotham Lloyd Alegre


Mr. Kevin Nick S. Bandibas


CSSS (Computer Science Students Society)

Mr. Eugene Val Mangaoang

Christian A. Bandibas


Mr. Jomari Joseph A. Barrera


DeCSo (Development Communicators' Society)

Ms. Mae Claudine M. Gica

Margraf Von Sean G. Eslopor


Mr. Jed Asaph D. Cortes


FSS (Forestry Student Society)

Dr. Renelita Come

Romeo T. Dequito, Jr.


Prof. Anatolio N. Polinar


GEP (Geodetic Engineers of the Phil-VSU Chapter)

Engr Diana Christa G. Milloza

Mark Gil D. Cabangal


Engr. Rex R. Doñoz


HOMES (Helpers In Outreaching Mother Earth's Stability

Dr. Marlito Jose M. Bande

Marrian Mae N. Pepito


Interact Society

Marilyn N. Manaig

Joshua B. Casinillo


Jay C. Bansale


JPSME (Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Engr. Philip Caesar Ebit

JB Lord B. Amith


Engr. Vic Angelo Impas


KaFiM (Kapisanan ng mga Filipino Majors)

Dr. Rizalina D. Truya

May D. Apepe


Ms. Marievic S. Flores


LExES (League of Exemplary English Students)

Ms. Marilyn N. Manaig

Nikita Aisle M. Rosal


Ms. Louisa Marie B. Andrade


LeSciM (League of Science Majors)

Dr. Lijueraj J. Cuadra

Ella Marie G. Nuñez


Dr. Christy M. Desades


MMS (Math Majors Society

Dr. Eusebio R. Lina, Jr.

Jenalyn D. Ambi


Dr. Ma. Rachel Kim Aure


Mentors' Guild

Ms. Louisa Marie B. Andrade

Kyla Mae Batestil


Ms. Crisyl S. Compendio


OBioS (Organization of Biology Students)

Ms. Fretzeljane D. Pogado

Karen C. Nava


Mr. Kenneth O. Eco


OSSM (Organization of Soil Science Majors)

Mr. Medardo Magdadaro, Jr

Ezra G. Monte


Mr. Kenneth Oraiz


PAFT-KSC (Philippine Association of Food Technologists-Kappa Students Chapter)

Dr. Lynette C. Cimafranca

Angela Mea R. Reusora


Engr. Julious B. Cerna


PICE-VSU SC (Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers-VSU Student Chapter)

Engr. Hanzel N. Mejia

Joseph Napoles


Engr. Jan Joshua M. Pomida


PPMA (Plant Protection Majors Association )

Dr. Reny G, Gerona

Judy Ann Jane B. Crave


Dr. Mary Joy M. Abit


PSABE-VSUSC (Philippine Society of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineers)

Engr. Arthur IT Tambong

Joshua Emmanuel B. Tismo


Engr. Triana D. Soroño


Engr. Jessie James D. Layan


SABS (Society of Agri-Business Students)

Mr. Bryan R. Gapasin

Valentin F. Sabando


Mr Bert Peñalosa


Ms. Loregin S. Pugosa


SASS (Society of Animal Science Students)

Ms. Rosa De Lima G. Beato

Rodel M. Batindaan


Mr. Roger Roque E. Bustamante


SHoTS (Society of Hospitality & Tourism Students)

Ms. Hannah Mae E. Quimbo

Colleen Kaye Negad


Ms. Syrene P. Nayre



Mr. Randy G. Omega

Cristille M. Madera


Ms. April Gail N. Valencia


ViHoS (Visca Horticultural Society)

Dr. Santos B . Villocino, Jr.

Jessica S. Majerano


Dr. Catherine C. Arradaza


VSU-AgExSo (VSU Agricultural Extension Society)

Mr. Virgelio C. Dargantes

Jesie Pepe L. Bartolome


Ms. Rosemarie B. gonzaga


VSU-BS (VSU Biotechnological Society)

Mr. Ronald Arlet P Villaber

Rey Christian S. Bitor


Ms. Chloris Marie E. Caseres


VSU Meteorological Society

Mr. Charlindo S. Torrion

Leanne Marie A. Loreto


VSU-SS (VSU Statistical Society)

Ms. May Ann E. Palen

Rose Ann N. Bartido


Ms. Donna C. Cuyno


YES (Young Economists Society)

Ms. Maria Hazel I. Billezas

Neca Jane O. Malacora


Prof. Ernesto F. Bulayog





Adamas Nu Omega

Mr. Dioscoro M. Bolatete, Jr

Jeric M. Almeroda


Ms. Lisa I. Arce


Alpha Phi Omega

Engr. Marlon Burlas

Rowena Senerdida


Ms. Lovella Tambis


Gamma Epsilon

Mr. Buen Josef Andrade

Joni Franz P. Davis

Gamma Sigma Confraternity

Pamela H. Urdaneta

John Rey Latras

Sigma Alpha Epsilon


Tau Gamma Phi

Dominic Michael Garrido

Joselito Aya-ay


Tau Omega Mu Fraternity & the Ladies Circle

Mr. Marcho P. Bandalan

Edmond L. Reyes


Ms. Paula Nadrea M. Paquibulan


VKV-VLV (Venerable Knights Veterinarian Fraternity-Venerable Ladies Veterinarian Sorority)

Dr. Santiago T. Peña, Jr.

Serville O. Abueva


Dr. Carl Leonard M. Pradera





Association of Rodeo Enthusiasts (AREV )

Dr. Julius V. Abela

Patt Joshua C. Andrade


Mr. Michael Dominic M. Garrido


Banaag Visual Arts Group

Mr. Mizael B. Cerna

Cherry Bea V. Jumawan


Mr. Lolito D. Caña


Dog Owners' Club (DOC)

Dr.Melvin A. Bagot

Kirk Michael C. Caniga


Dr. Kenny Olana


DOST-SS (DOST Scholars Society)

Engr. Rex R. Doñoz

Mary Michelle A. Tesado


Engr. Diana Christa G. Milloza


TARSIER (Terrestrial & Aquatic Restoration by Students Immersed in Environmental Reforms)

Mr. Charlindo S. Torrion

Krystel Denise L. Labrador


Engr. Hanzel N. Mejia


Ms. Mary Annilyn Villar


UISB ( University Inter-Dormitory Student Body)

Ms. Mae Claudine M. Gica

Kurt Jose Daniel Ceniza


Mr. Ramil B. Vinculado, Jr.


Engr. Hanzel N. Mejia


VSU Debate Society

Dr. Jett C. Quebec

Ann Melene C. Fernandico


Mr. Beljun P. Enaya


VSU Robotics

Engr. Philip Ceasar Ebit

Lesley Angel C. Radores


Mr. Michael Anthony Jay B. Regis


VSU Ultimate Frisbee Club

Mr. Edilberto A. Artiga Jr.

Lloyd V. Cedro





HI (Hugpong Ilonggo)

Ms. Angelita L. Paradero

Geraldine B. Daganasol





 AC (Ambassadors for Christ)

Prof. Lorina A. Galvez

Zev L. Oliveros


Mr. Kenneth Oraiz


AMiCUS (Adventist Ministry to College and University Students)

Engr. Hazel N. Mejia

Jemboy D. Hermo


Mr. Edralin M. Malasaga


CBI (Christian Brotherhood International)

Mr. Jeremias Vista

Jawrence Benz Casupang


Dr. Renezita S. Come


Ikthus Campus Care

Prof. Elsie E. Salamat

Pam P. Escopete


Ms. Geraldine T. Baro


LA (Lakas Angkan Undergraduate Ministries)

Ms. Inish Chris P. Mesias

Argie D. Dadis


Ms. Shalom Grace Sugano


LDSSA (Latter Day Saints Students Association)

Ms. Ma. Fe L. Gayanilo

Aldrin G. Basmillo

SPARKS (Students Proclaiming A Righteous King & Savior)

Ms. Emily L. Casinillo

Mark Angelo D. Menorias


Mr. Rommel M. Garrido, Jr


Students LinC (Student Leaders in Campus)

Mr. Jaime B. Berundo


Students of Destiny

Dr. Nilda T. Amestoso

Dixie Grace A. Gelaga

The Builders

Dr. Santiago T. Peña

Van Adrian E. Mazo


Ms. Mary Cris F. Pleños





USSC (University Supreme Student Council)

Dr. Guiraldo C. Fernandez, Jr.

Chad Christian D. Wales


Prof. Ernesto F. Bulayog


Mr. Raymund M. Igcasama


CAFS-SSC (College of Agriculture & Food Sciences Supreme Student Council)

Dr. Julius V. Abela

Diana Rose R. Lasconia


Mr. Kenneth Oraiz


CAS-SSC (College of Arts & Sciences Supreme Student Council)

Mr. Raymund M. Igcasama

Jeremiah D. Laude


Ms. Eunice Kenee L. Seriño


CoEd-SSC (College of Education Supreme Student Council)

Ms. Crisyl S. Compendio

Jodel M. Navera


Mr. Edilberto A. Artiga, Jr.


CFES-SSC (College of Forestry & Environmental Sciences Supreme Student Council)

Dr. Dennis P. Peque

Aliah A. Bacus


Dr. Angelica P. Baldos


CME-SSC (College of Management & Economics Supreme Student Council))

Dr. Nilda T. Amestoso

Aubrey Maekaela G. De Asis


Mr. Randy G. Omega


Mr. Karl John A. Galvez


CET-SSC (College of Engineering & Technology) Supreme Student Council)

Engr. Christa G. Milloza

John Allan  A. Gulles


Engr Jessie James D. Layan


CN-SSC (College of Nursing Supreme Student Council)

Ms. Jesusa M. Magno

Lance M. Morquianos


Mr. France Allan Cavite


CVM-SSC College of Veterinary Medicine Supreme Student Council)

Dr. Agnes M. Taveros

Tisha Marie L. Cortez


Dr. Jane P. Duatil


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