VSU Agribusiness Students at glance, Christian Ulysses G. Cagasan, Jasmine Lao

At a glance

Program Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
Duration 4 Years
College College of Management and Economics
Department Department of Business and Management
Campus VSU Main Campus, Baybay City, Leyte
VSU Agribusiness Students at glance, Christian Ulysses G. Cagasan, Jasmin Lao

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Agribusiness Students

About the Program

The Department of Business and Management offers the Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness (BSAB) curriculum. It is a four-year degree program designed to prepare undergraduate students to be technically and managerially competent as agribusiness managers and entrepreneurs. The degree program aims to produce graduates who can integrate knowledge in basic and advanced management theories and principles to the actual management of an agribusiness enterprise; apply an analytical tool for business decisions, project assessment and evaluation; and are skilled in the preparation of business plan/feasibility studies.


Program highlights

Bulleted information about the program, like majors, curriculum, activities, requirements, etc.

Mgmt 101a Principles of Accounting I
Mgmt 101b Principles of Accounting II
Mgmt 102 Introduction to Agribusiness Management
Mgmt 103 Agribusiness Management Systems
Mgmt 111 Introduction to Human Resource Management
Mgmt 112 Business Planning and Implementation I
Mgmt 113 Business Planning and Implementation II 
Mgmt 114n Introduction to Management Science 
Mgmt 121 Intro. to International Marketing 
Mgmt 122 Business Laws and Taxation
Mgmt 123 Managerial Economics
Mgmt 124 Introduction to Financial Management
Mgmt 135 Intro. to Investment Management 
Mgmt 136 Intro. to Operations Management
Mgmt 137 Intro. to Project Analysis and Evaluation 
Mgmt 138 Intro. to Strategic Management
Mgmt 197 Industry Immersion
Mgmt 198 Agribusiness Research Methods 
Mgmt 200 Undergraduate Thesis 
Mgmt 200a Internship
Elective   Practicum in AnSci/Agro/Horti/FoodSci
  • BSAB Student Internship program
  • BSAB Students during accounting culmination
  • Society of Agribusiness Students tutorial sessions in accounting subjects

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the this program can be employed as a:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers in agri-industrial firms
  • Researchers in government and private firms
  • Bank managers and loan appraisers
  • Project planners, evaluators, and consultants
  • Field supervisors or workers
  • Sales representatives
  • Market analysts
  • Academic Instructors
  • Financial advisors
  • Agricultural market advisors
  • Farm management specialists for agricultural extension projects
  • Agriculture officers

Notable Alumni

The following Viscans who graduated in this program have made a name in their field:

  • Bernardo H. Tocmo, a 1982 BS in Agribusiness graduate of VSU, then Visayas State College of Agriculture, who is currently the Executive Vice President and Head of the Philippine National Bank (PNB) Retail Banking Group.


Department of Business and Management
College of Management and Economics
Visayas State University
Visca, Baybay City, Leyte
Philippines 6521
Phone: +63 53 5650600 local 1018
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook: fb.com/vsudbm

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