All ten first-time takers from VSU passed the geodetic engineering licensure examination on October 10-11, the results from the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) said.

VSU earned an overall performance rate of 83.33% when two repeaters of the exam did not make it. PRC announced that 232 out of 555 takers nationwide passed the exam yielding a national passing rate of 41.80%.

The new licensed Geodetic Engineers from VSU are:

Castañares, Arnil Al.

Gopio, Maria Loida R.

Itang, Marichu F.

Mendoza, Lorna Q.

Orillano, Verna Jane P.

Ponce, Jolame M.

Presbitero, Ariel Luther V.

Quinal, Hannah May T.

Rosenas, Floramie G.

Sorio, April Rose S.


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