A total of 26 examinees from the Visayas State University made it to the 2018 forester licensure examination; 22 of which are first takers, registering a 95.65% passing rate.

With this number, VSU garnered an overall institutional passing percentage of 76.47%, higher than the national average of 59.01%.

The University of the Philippines-Los Baños (UPLB) is this year’s top performing school, registering a 100% passing rate. Moreover, UPLB also produced the top forester Freddie Saenz Palermo with a 91.80% average.

Here is the full list of VSU passers in the 2018 Forester Licensure Examination:

  1. Abueva, Jonalyn Comaling
  2. Aguilón, Matet Canabe
  3. Batistil, Cristy Tagra
  4. Bernaldez, Samuel Olinas
  5. Betonio, Hizon Abenoja
  6. Borleo, Maria Aurora Bongas
  7. Carlite, Ronaldo Veloso
  8. Cartajena, Marvin Ebale
  9. Casas, Jupiter Viovicente
  10. Cayangho, Joan Marie
  11. Cuyno, Ronilo Cabahit
  12. Delleva, Rey Paul Gerard Odivilas
  13. Deloso, Neleden
  14. Doria, Kenneth Bryan Lusaran
  15. Dulfo, Erika Loren Cabo
  16. Elorcha, Raul Olmoguez
  17. Garcia, Pethuel Furog
  18. Gripo, Alberto Jr Villamor
  19. Labides, Apple Cyrriel Rallos
  20. Maturan, Mark Anthony Villejo
  21. Olitres, Francis Rick Evangelista
  22. Omoso, Jing Riopay
  23. Pancito, Elizabeth Fernandez
  24. Rebuyas, Angelu Laurente
  25. Simbajon, Jasmine
  26. Valdez, Don Carlo Mandras

The 2018 Forester Licensure Exam was administered in September 11 and 12 in PRC Testing Centers in Manila, Zamboanga, and all regional offices nationwide.

Results were released by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), September 17.

Congratulations, VSU new foresters!

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