Dr. Myrna Mallari, Team Leader of the evaluators from the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP), shared her delight about VSU’s campus and research activities, during the opening ceremony of the second-round institutional accreditation at the VSU Convention Center, March 28.

“Our work here is done. It is clear what developments have been made here [since the first institutional accreditation in 2010] to this year,” quipped Dr. Mallari as she gave her first impressions of the university after taking a tour around the campus and research centers.

The work that is left for the accreditors, Dr. Mallari said, is not to find out whether VSU had complied with the standards on governance and management, but to identify what best practices have been employed to sustain the developments or to grow even more.

While being impressed by the institutional portfolio, Dr. Mallari assured the VSU constituents of a scrupulous and objective evaluation process.  

The President of Tarlac State University said she shared the sentiments of VSU President Dr. Edgardo Tulin about the purpose of the AACCUP accreditation.

“I agree with President Tulin that this is a gathering of leaders in promoting academic excellence. We are not just friends here; we are partners,” said Dr. Mallari as she stressed on the importance of sharing of best practices of state colleges and universities in the country.

Dr. Mallari leads the AACCUP accrediting team from March 27-29. AACCUP Founding President and Executive Director Dr. Manuel Corpus will assume leadership from March 29-31. 

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