VSU Intrams 2023

The intramural season has once again come and passed. Unity transpired among the Viscan community as they expressed support to their respective factions, filling the grounds of VSU Main Campus with shouts of victory by the combined forces of Viscans from Baybay, Tolosa, Villaba, Alangalang, and Isabel. Now, let’s look back on the four-day university-wide intramurals, which we once again got to effectuate after four long years of hiatus.

Day 1: Off to a great start

Students and faculty alike paraded their faction shirts to show support for their team’s athletes leading to the opening ceremony, to officially kick off the VSU Intramurals 2023 carrying the same theme Sálingkusóg, which denotes “the transference and cultivation of strength, discipline, camaraderie, and sportsmanship across all competitions in the intramural games.” Sálingkusóg 2023 exhibited the competitiveness and prowess of Viscans, as a total of 16 factions from the VSUIHS, Main, and VITA campuses, contended to exert competitiveness in each event; ranging from sports to pageantry, even in art and music.


The crowd’s roar became more blaring as University President Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin officially welcomed the students and faculty coming from the main and component campuses, giving the event a proper launch. The buzz was further reinforced as the event was graced by the presence of Miss Trixie Mary Oponda Lofranco, a gold medalist on the 32nd Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2023, and this year’s Guest of Honor; who gave a truly inspiring speech on sports’ ability to unite communities and provide a platform for personal growth. Then came the ceremonial lighting of the torch of friendship by distinguished athletes from the university igniting the start of the 2023 intramural games.

The commencement exercises wrapped up with the field demonstration delivered by the IHK and an estimated 1,500 freshmen, which further boosted the adrenalin of the crowd, providing what was truly a spectacle and an explosive start to the university-wide Sálingkusóg 2023.

Day 2: Let the games begin


The Sporting Events officially kicked off on the second day of the Intramurals week, displaying Viscans’ aptitude in twenty different sports events - with teams already gathering their share of wins and some losses propelling them for their next few games. But as usual, events like these do not transpire without some hiccups. Several teams encountered problems regarding their unapproved medical certificates resulting in multiple disqualifications which created quite a fuss among the affected students. However, following discussions from the involved offices which include the IHK, University Services for Health Emergency and Rescue (USHER), and the council heads who represent the students; the issue was elucidated and provided an in-depth look at the situation.


On the same day, the mural painting competition commenced. The competing teams contended to exhibit their artistic capabilities to illustrate a piece that best describes the theme, “Sálingkusóg.” This facet of the event aims to showcase the artistic aptitude within every Viscan, as well as the university’s encouragement not only for students to engage in sports but also in art and creativity.


Amaranth, as they committed themselves to providing extensive coverage of the intramurals, also started distributing ‘Amaranth Jr’., a special publication, which featured articles reporting on the events that transpired on the first day. The distribution of the special publication, with new featured content every day, continued until the last day of the event.

Later in the evening, the search for Ginoong Malakas and Binibining Maganda was set in motion, as 5 pairs of candidates showed the audience their beauty and wit as well as their advocacy for and embodiment of the essence of Sálingkusóg. Taking home the crown was Sheena Margarette Abayabay of Sylvan Dragons (CME x CFES) as Binibining Maganda 2023 and Daniel Christian Acasio of Valiant Gladiators (CET x CAS) as Ginoong Malakas 2023.


Day 3: Valore Unveiled

On the third day of Sálingkusóg 2023, the Laro ng Lahi played by both students and faculty commenced along with the continuation of the different sports events. Many events made a comeback, especially as the COVID-19 restrictions have entirely dissolved, such as swimming, taekwondo, arnis, and sepak takraw, among others. The games played on the third day majorly set the remaining teams who will be competing for the championship title in each event on the third day.


Additionally, the different factions graced the stage once again to participate in the Singathlon, Dance Palabas, and Folk Dance Competition, in determination to clinch the trophy for their respective teams. These matches allowed Viscans to demonstrate their vocal and physical endurance, as they battled it out with their intense routines and vocal exercises through dance and songs.


Day 4: SALINGKUSOG Culmination

The events for the last day of the intramurals started early at daybreak with the Walkathon participated by students, faculty, and alumni of the university. The Kayak relay, also making its comeback, commenced in the Lower Campus Pavilion Line. Many athletic events were already conducting their championship games to determine the factions who will be clinching the trophy for each sports team and will add up to the tally on uncovering the overall champion of the Sálingkusóg 2023.


One of the day’s highlights, the Dancesports, Hip-hop, and Tiktok Showdown, created a full house out of the VSU Gymnatorium as students and visitors enthusiastically gathered in anticipation of the affair. Warm shouts of encouragement for each respective team bellowed, further charging the competitive environment and rousing the contestants into delivering magnificent performances, which VSU can surely take pride in. In the awarding ceremonies, the Cyber Warriors of VSU Isabel were hailed as the overall champion of the Sálingkusóg 2023. The Valiant Gladiators took home silver, followed by the Greyhounds of VSU Tolosa who clinched bronze.

For the first time in four years, the university-wide intramurals once again united the different campuses of VSU, making the main campus a space where new friendships were created, wins - both big and small - were celebrated, and strength and discipline cultivated. Finally, as students each go back to their respective homes, they bring with them the friendships, memories, and the essence of true comradeship that transcends beyond the distance and division, constituting a single community of Viscans.


[All photos are courtesy of Amaranth, VSU’s student media organization and official coverage partner of #SALINGKUSOG2023.]

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