DYDC and Radio Pilipinas

The development campus radio DYDC 104.7 FM of Visayas State University officially signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Radio Pilipinas Sogod for a new development radio program “Tech Talk” that will air in October this year.

The “Tech Talk” program which will be collaborated between DYDC FM and Radyo Sogod Pilipinas is all about airing knowledge and technology transfer of different development projects from VSU’s research centers and colleges. 

With the help of Radio Pilipinas Sogod, one of the radio stations owned and operated by the Presidential Broadcasting Service, DYDC will be able to promote the “Tech Talk” development program that will benefit and help reach more audiences in the region.

“With DYDC’s limited reach as it currently broadcasts with a power of 1 Kilowatt only, the station seeks partnerships with Radio Stations that have the same mandate for a wider reach of audience in its development programs, such as the Radyo Pilipinas Sogod, owned and operated by the Presidential Broadcasting Service,” said Miss Mikaela Gongora, the current OIC-Station Manager of DYDC.

The MOA signing that happened on September 12, 2023, at the DYDC Studio C Room was attended by the DYDC OIC-Station Manager Gongora, Dr. Christina A. Gabrillo, Head of the Department of Development Communication and the former Station Manager of DYDC, Radyo Pilipinas Sogod Station Manager Dindo Alaraz, and Broadcast Production Head Ria Micate.


Not just the MOA signing, DYDC also hosted a training workshop on managing a radio segment and the basic radio formats for the “Tech Talk” program for the different representatives of research centers, colleges, and departments. 

DYDC’s OIC-Station Manager Gongora facilitated the various formats for the development radio program. She highlighted that this is an opportunity to revive old development programs of research centers and departments that were not continued airing due to the pandemic and the lack of new topics to cover every segment. The launching of the “Tech Talk” development program will happen next month every 2 to 3 p.m.

"Tech Talk is a development program designed to promote cutting-edge technologies generated by the institution to foster development and cater to the needs of various people, especially the disadvantaged and less-privileged sectors, including our farmers.”

With the help of the wider coverage of Radyo Pilipinas Sogod, the Tech Talk development radio program will be able to reach more target audiences who need the information and technologies that will benefit their lives.


“This partnership will be a gateway for DYDC to reach a wide and varied audience as well as contribute significantly to the attainment of VSU's vision and mission and, at the same time support the Philippine President’s social contract with the people by promoting food security, sustainable rural development, and poverty alleviation,” Gongora concluded.

[Photos courtesy of Marianne C. Bayron]

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